Mirror magic


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    Completed Mirror magic

    Post by Ameri.rain on 11th December 2016, 8:38 am


    Primary Magic: Mirror magic
    Secondary Magic: (Must be filled in later. Magic you bought at the store goes here)
    Caster or Holder: Caster
    Description: Mirror magic is a very rare magic, thus, it is also hard to use and master. This magic gives her control over, not only mirrors, but anything that reflects, such as light, or other metals. This magic gives her the ability to do all sorts of actions related to the objects she can control, using shards from metals to attack, creating mirrors for defense, or even enhancement spells. Unfortunately, she can't use her magic against non matter objects, such as heat, sound, light, etc. Spells to be used when they aren't fully learnt will bring unimaginable side effects and will come with a price. One must overcome countless obstacles to master this magic. This magic also lets one travel between reality and another dimension, the dimension of mirrors or the dimension of light, for an amount of time to either hide or teleport, but without enough training, has a high chance of the user fainting after, even has a chance of putting the user into coma. This magic can also give the user the ability to create any object that reflects at will, but must be able to fully understand each of these substances by concentrating and meditating more than any other wizard. Mirror magic is an extremely powerful and dangerous magic.

    • This magic can be used in close range, medium range or long range.

    • This magic will deal a lot of damage.

    • It can be used when one is in a pinch.


    • It can bring side effects to the user.

    • When the user isn't sane, the magic is uncontrollable.

    • The user will be helpless when battling in the darkness.

    Beast Pride:
    Description: In human evolution there were genetic mutations that eventually lead to the creation of new species. All other human species, apart from the modern human, were thought to have all been eradicated. However, back in the days when humans still lived very close to nature, a genetic mutation took place that would stay unnoticed for millennia. Humans with these genes could understand animals and communicate on a more sophisticated level than speech. When these humans mastered magic, their unique genes allowed them to take on specific traits of animals with which they had bonded. As these humans continued to mix with those who did not possess these genes the gifts that came along with them grew weaker. Only those in which the genes are present and strong enough can still use these abilities.
    Ability: The user can communicate with animals telepathically. When they share a bond with a creature ( must be a pet ) they can use a weaker version of their pet's abilities themselves(one rank lower than what the pet has them) with weaker effects. Their pet have has 50% more HP and deals 50% more melee damage.
    Once per topic they can cause a Frenzy in which natural wildlife will assault the user's enemies. Birds, deer, wolves, bears, you name it. This deals the user’s rank in melee damage(max S-rank) per post over the course of 4 posts. Greatly depends on the location on the type of beasts.
    Usage: Passive. Once per thread use of the frenzy ability that lasts 4 posts.
    Unique Abilities: Absorbing energy from the surroundings faster, a passive trait of reality magic.


    Name: Mirāsheipingu
    Rank: D
    Type: Psychic (?) Offensive and defensive.
    Duration: Infinitive, depends on user's mental state
    Cooldown: A few seconds.
    Description: By concentrating, the user will find herself communicating to the object in someway. This magic shapes objects that reflect using the user's healthy mental state. No chanting is needed, but really high concentration is a must.

    • Useful for various situations.


    • Can make the user lose focus on opponent when shaping an object.

    • Cannot be used without a healthy mental state.

    Name: Enerugī Kyūshū
    Rank: D
    Type: Psychic (?) Supportive
    Duration: A few minutes, depends on user's mental state
    Cooldown: A few dozen minutes.
    Description: By concentrating, the user can absorb energy under the light. This spell helps the user heal faster and will refill to, at most, 3 quarters of the user's energy. This spell involves high concentration and will be activated when user shouts out the spell's name.

    • Useful for various situations.

    • Can be used for escape.


    • Has a short duration and long cooldown.

    • Cannot be used without a healthy mental state.

    • If spell isn't mastered, if a large strength is exerted on her physical or mental state, she will lose concentration and spell will deactivate.
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    Completed Re: Mirror magic

    Post by Desirée Blooms on 16th December 2017, 5:54 pm


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