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    Passport stuff [solo job]

    Meisa Suzume
    Meisa Suzume

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    Passport stuff [solo job] Empty Passport stuff [solo job]

    Post by Meisa Suzume 10th December 2016, 11:58 pm

    ooc: Doing this by WC so 500words

    The passport, it was... sadly needed to travel to a few other countries. Now, what did not make sense was the fact she lived in another country all together. The lovable country known as Tau'ri. It was... still annoying though. Perhaps because this was some political bullshit that the magic council required to know which mages travel in and out of fiore and to where. After all, she already had a passport from Tau'ri to even enter Fiore, so getting it updated by the Fiore political powers to grant her further access to the other nations.

    "In the name of Science I suppose..."

    Her words showed how little she cared for this entire ordeal just as tires came to a screeching halt. A quick shift down to the first gear, and some sly maneuvering would land Sophia's over sized roamer in a nice parking space... that also covered two others. Truly, despite it being an a-hole move, she hopped out with a smile. Looking at the line that was fairly non-existent, as she had waited till the last minute when they were starting to pack up, and this would be the easiest way to just get it adjusted, then be on her way.  Except if one this rivaled Sophia's love for science, it would be her lack of patience. A lack that was so low that the moment she stepped in line, her I lac was opened up and she was texting Aiyana.

    (in text - Sophia to Aiyana)
    Aiyana, why didn't you tell me the line would be so huge? There is 4 people in front of me. This is borrrrinnnnnggggg!!!!(end)
    (in text - Aiyana to Sophia)
    Well, of course it's gonna be long! There's a whole world out there and they're limiting it! Do what I did and find something to do at the same time.
    (another extra text)
    And it's not what you're thinking.
    (end of texts)

    Sighing the moment she received the last text "Shame, I could really go for that right about now", Her words full of annoyance as she kept stepping forward in line, playing a simple lacrima game on her phone until it was her turn.


    Her name was called, only because those at the desk recognized her. It was at least going to be easier due to them having already worked with her before. "Yeah, I've come to get my passport updated to access all counties. I require a no limiter pass, even to the peregrande kingdom" While her words seemed to strike a curiousity, she had handed the passport over, and the man began to update the records, as well as give her new special slips.

    "Access to the kingdom may be hard, seeing as you're a mage. We cannot take any responsibility once you enter, you know this right?"

    Nodding her head as she received her passport back, Sophia ended up only wanting to ignore the statement "I'm a citizen of Tau'ri, not some fiore coward who enlists help of other guilds. I'll be able to handle any problem that comes my way". Her words may have stung, but they in her views were right. It was only after those hurtful words did she head off, not wanting to be in Fiore any longer.



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