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    Ilac of Communication[Job/Private]


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    Ilac of Communication[Job/Private] Empty Ilac of Communication[Job/Private]

    Post by YoungBridge on 10th December 2016, 4:01 pm

    The Neutral Grounds, was not a happy place for Fenghuang. One, she could not feel spirits anymore, which is bad because it really sucks to not have Galileo float beside her doing the goofy things and having stupid conversations with that Sage. Number 2 is that she can't do awesome things other than blow people away with the size of her fans. Well at least she can handle herself without magic, which is good in a place that nullifies magic. Whatever the reason that the Neutral Ground could nullify magic was her guess.

    Fenghuang made her way across the streets, avoiding pedestrian and vehicle traffic as she made her way slowly to the location specified on the job. Just how people lived without magic, and relied on the technology simply amazed her. Their streetlamps were not lacrima, cars were not pulled by horses or powered by magic energy, and food was cooked with fire and not lacrima. It was admittedly the first time she has seen such a lack of magic.

    Fenghuang finally makes her way to the factory after avoiding car after car. The traffic congestion was rather horrible, then again it was a heavily populated city with quite advanced technology. Unlike Lacrima, technology here gave out quite some horrible gas, like her grandfather's farts after eating smelly tofu. After clearing the air around herself with her hand, she takes her first step into to the Ilac factory.

    Fenghuang is awed by the sheer size of the place. The ceiling was really high, like really high. As she continued to stare at the ceiling, she hears a woman's voice call out to her. She looks back down to see a woman in a business suit approach her. She did not need to speak very loud, her voice echoed through the hallway. "Come over!" She calls Fenghuang as her hand did the beckon motion. With a smile Fenghuang skips on over to her.

    "Good day Miss Fei, I'm Maia and I'll be your guide for the Ilac," Maia smiled before handing Fenghuang a tablet. "Follow me and look at the tablet I gave you." Maia then turns heel and proceeds to walk down a hallway that appeared behind her. Fenghuang looks at her tablet and looks up so she at least is following the woman guiding her through this Ilac.

    "The Ilac is a very special device created with much programming and also with help from sponsers and several industries, the Ilac is now as succesful as it has been. You have been one of the lucky few to gain the Ilac for free. 1 Ilac would have cost about 100,000 jewels if bought after our promotion time," Fenghuang nods without attention. The tablet was showing her images of what the woman is saying and they were much more interesting than listening to an older woman talk about the Ilac.

    "The Ilac many functions, from browsing through music to taking pictures much better than a lacrima camera, for example, on your tablet is now showing you the many apps that the Ilac has to offer, feel free to ask me of any of the functions," Fenghuang looks up and nearly bumps into the woman. She steps back a bit, hoping Maia did not notice her almost accident. But Maia seems unaware. Fenghuang was mesmerized by the interesting looking icons, there were like miniature paintings that you can press. She eyes the note icon and sees it is labelled as music.

    "Well Miss Fenghuang I hope you enjoyed your visit," Maia takes back the tablet Fenghuang was holding. "Feel free to choose among our many colors." Maia smiled and shows Fenghuang a table covered it Ilacs and their color name.

    Black, Jet Black, Jack Black, Jack Black on a Hot Day. Fenghuang chose Black and went on her merry way.

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