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    To Earthland.. And Beyond!


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    To Earthland.. And Beyond! Empty To Earthland.. And Beyond!

    Post by Dragofox 9th December 2016, 4:29 pm

    People filled the Hargeon centre. Today is one of those days when the Government’s Officials open up counters to register for passports. Well, obviously the people knew what the passports are for. Ever since threats from dark guilds arose from town to town, the Council had been more aware of the movements across the borders. Heck, sometimes they even send officials to check caravans and their contents. Last time it was on the news that a caravan was caught trying to smuggle explosives, suspected to be supplies for dark mages and renegades. The goods end up being confiscated, only to be stolen after it was stored in one of the council’s branch warehouses.
     “Next!” He looked up to the counter with his red eyes, calm, but aware. Garahad walked up to the counter as the officer observed him thoroughly for any suspiciousness. Clad in a knee-length pale green cloak, Garahad wore a simple shirt underneath, with a pair of slacks that covered down his feet. He looked at the officer, whom would tap his pen a few times on the table before asking “You sure you don’t have anything…. Out of the normal underneath that cloak?” Garahad gave a light smile, putting off his cloak as he shook his head. “Nope. Nothing.” The officer nodded in belief, as he filled up a form with the metal pen he was holding. “Unless you’re talking about me.. then yeah.” Garahad chuckled, but a bit disappointed that the officer ignored him, too busy with his form.
     “I’d ask you what guild you’re from, but seeing you and that… weary shoes of yours…” The officer pointed to his black, but visibly weary shoes. “..You’re a wanderer?” Garahad nodded, then looked down. “I guess nowadays it’s obvious what you are just by what you wear, eh.” He said to himself, looking back to the officer for what’s next. “Aight… Now we gonna have your picture taken, so smile.. or whatever.” Next to the counter was one of those newly invented camera that recorded not the face, but instead the ethernano pattern in the mage. Too bad, this unit is useless on people born without magic abilities. He had his ‘picture’ taken, then was prompted to fill up a form by the officer.
     It asked for simple details. Name, age, guild or affinity.. all the details a dark mage could simply lie through.. if there was one. From all the experiences he had obtained from all the traveling, Garahad could tell that there were a few dark mages right on that moment as he was filling the form. They would also be applying for passports, and is right now chuckling inside as they lied through the form details. The officers were very gullible. And he hated it, for some reasons. Shrugging it off, Garahad submitted  his form, waited a few, and then obtained his passport. With his picture.
     As he left the counter, Garahad took a look of his passport’s content, only to be alarmed by a passer-by that felt… familiar. “..!!!” He looked back, only to see nothing out of the ordinary. Garahad shrugged it off. There’s no way he would be here… not today. Not never. Garahad walked away, sighing after taking another look at his passport as he walked.

     “Dammit.. I blinked.” Looking at the picture of him blinking as the camera flash hit him.


    To Earthland.. And Beyond! KFGWJhK

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