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    Gaps in Memory (Daiki & Sayrn)


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    Gaps in Memory (Daiki & Sayrn) Empty Gaps in Memory (Daiki & Sayrn)

    Post by Sayrn on 8th December 2016, 3:53 am

    A loud crack broke dead silence within the eastern forests of Magnolia the sounds of animals running in terror and flocks of birds taking to the skies. Earth would rumble and trees shake as in the distance a beast would talk it’s arms and legs shaking in what one might call anticipation before each step a loud screech over a roar coming from it. Whatever the dragon touched began to wither down and die with the very grass and earth beneath it slowly turning black and the scent of rot quickly coming from everything around it. Beside this abomination stood a woman her hair a soft lavender color which matched her own eyes a skin tight latex like armor which would show off her belly was what she wore and with a sigh she would smack the leg of the dragon, “We are here to talk to someone not kill everything, so knock it off with the deadly poison.” She knew that words would not quell it but the power behind them would as it would slowly kneel down listening to her words and yet she could feel the killing intent behind its eyes shining and green.

    With a slow advance she would make her way to something that her fragmented memory had not failed to forget a random cabin in the woods. As the slowly reached the door she would look at the twenty foot tall dragon and motion for it to go remain where it stood causing the beast to let out a low screech only to be met with a glare from Sayrn that would sink it back in terror. Knocking on the door of the cabin she would flip her hair however short it was causing it to cover one of her eyes, “Pardon me but I am here to ask some questions if you would not mind?” On her left breast the mark of Savage Skull being a soft crimson in color began to emit a soft glow as poison dripped from it. Waiting in place she would step down from the door and snap her fingers the dragon lowering it’s hand as Sayrn would sit in the palm waiting for the owner of the house to either arrive back or open the door.

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