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    Post by Lorem Ipsum 30th November 2016, 1:08 pm

    Kaya Bryndís ♥ Golden Phoenix ♥ D Rank

    Rose Garden seemed to be the place where many jobs were located. On the job board, almost all of the D rank jobs directed her towards either Magnolia or Rose Garden. Seeing as the city where Black Rose made their home was where she already was, after having come to give someone working on an almanac some information as a representative of Golden Phoenix. Since she was here, however, the young vampire decided to go ahead and get her passport. She needed to do so to legally do work in other countries, after all, and Magnolia and Rose Garden were the only places in Fiore where one could safely get their passport.

    Unfortunately, this once again required her to be active during the day, since the place was only open during business hours. Naturally, the vampire had been up most of the night, prowling around and going about her 'daily' business as any nocturnal being would. Luckily, she had even found a stray young woman, roughly a few years older than her, walking about, and managed to drink the blood of the lady for the sake of her own hydration. Fortunately, the girl had passed out as Kaya drank, allowing the vampire to take a full serving of blood without too much of a struggle or hassle. Once she had finished, she moved the unconscious woman to a safer place, against the wall of a building as she alerted local shops that were open about 'finding' the fainted person. A small lie, but in the end, it was for a good reason, to ensure nothing happened to the person while she was unconscious.

    And before long, morning came. Kaya slept a few hours throughout the morning and woke up around noon begrudgingly. She had to get the passport before she left town. Having stayed at Silver Moon Inn for the ease of it, and with knowledge that Black Rose was an ally of her own guild, the young vampire quietly left, only focused on getting her passport and returning back to her room at the Inn to hopefully get at least a few more hours of sleep. The sunlight was already making her sleepy as it was. Finally reaching the place where she could get her passport, Kaya waited patiently in line, happy that the area was somewhat shaded.

    Finally, it was her turn. Kaya would walk up to the person at the register, ready to sign any papers and pay the small fees. However, as she walked up, a sudden shriek rang out, far louder than the noise and clamber of the current crowd. Quickly gazing up, Kaya realized that the sound had come from the person at the desk right before her. That person... it was the same person from last night, who she had taken blood from. Why was this her job, of all things?

    "Y-you! Vampire! Security, come quick!" the woman shrieked more, abruptly standing up.

    "Calm down," Kaya said, breathing out a slightly irritated sigh. This was quite unfortunate- why did so many humans choose to react like this? It was not like she killed anyone, and vampire bites really did not hurt that much. "I just need my passport, then I'll leave."

    Within seconds, two policemen showed up, appearing poised to fight using magic with any sudden movements. The woman ignored the white-haired mage, and went on to speak to them. "T-that vampire... she attacked me last night!"
    One of the security members turned their head towards Kaya. "Is that true?" he asked, a grim expression on his face.

    "I didn't attack her," Kaya replied with a scoff. "I just drank her blood, then she fainted and I got someone to help. Is there a problem?"

    The policeman sighed and turned to the other one, before one of them began to walk closer to her, pulling out handcuffs. "Ma'am, we are going to have to arrest you and take you in for assault... you have the right to remain silent."

    By instinct, Kaya leaped back as she saw him going for the handcuffs. Arrested? Why? Because she had just taken a drink of somebody's blood? She had no other options when it came to surviving. "W-what? No, I didn't do anything wrong!" the vampire protested, beginning to back away, her heart pounding. 'Assault' meant attack with ill intentions or something, right? Either way, Kaya had no ill intentions for anyone... she had just wanted a drink. "You have the right to remain silent and cooperate," the security member said again, beginning to open the seemingly magical handcuffs.

    Like hell was she letting them get those things on her... Adrenaline pumping through her veins, Kaya quickly whipped around and began to run. What was the problem with these humans? She had done nothing wrong or unlawful or evil, and was determined to not be captured and taken in for something like that. There was no telling what they would do to her, and she had doubts about any human wanting to believe her in the first place. Clenching her teeth, the young vampire continued to run, hearing them giving chase, shouting behind her. Luckily, the place was extremely crowded, and she was able to nimbly move in between people to escape from the police. The panic and confusion in the area helped, if nothing else. Well, hopefully Magnolia would be more open to her safely getting a passport...

    Location;; Rose Garden
    Muse;; 7/10
    Word Count;; 904


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