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    Lost Powers, and a curse grows [ Raiza Exam]


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    Lost Powers, and a curse grows [ Raiza Exam] Empty Lost Powers, and a curse grows [ Raiza Exam]

    Post by Raiza on 30th November 2016, 12:06 pm

    timeline: Takes place after the event thread I'm in.
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    Have you ever asked yourself, what would you do if your magic was taken from you? What if this wasn't the first time either? It wasn't a question Raiza went without asking himself. Though perhaps that was why he had been scouring the scorching hot sands of the forgotten desert. The first time, sent him into a shock of realization of how powerless he was without his gamer magic, but yet he knew a new magic had replaced it. However this time the traveling mage had been suffering, not of illness or a physical injury but his magic...

    ...was no longer the same.

    The first time this occurred was some time ago, the blood moon had just set from the previous job, and the sun began to rise. His Heads up display ability had finally shut itself off.. Lastly, his power as a mage felt diminishing. His body had been aching for hours that day, and he had began to seek out someone. A change in direction to where he belonged. He had sought after a friend, and over time did his magic finally fade, except one thing. His console key never faded. It remained a part of him, at least to the last possible second, before it had turned into the blade of reckoning

    While what had finally happened was no mystery to him, it still left him now quite powerless that it was now undone. What was undone you ask? A pact. A mark that bound him to faithfulness. A mark that could yet still be broken. The willpower it took had left Raiza in a state of disarray. See, the pact had an agreement to it. One that if someone broke the pact, knowledge of the guild was lost. While it was true, it had impacted Raiza's magic, which cause it to be less than effective at this point. This truth forced Raiza into a position of weakness. This weakness came from his own magic being slowly altered by his own will. The will to fight. True, Raiza lost knowledge about the location, and knowledge of the guild, but he did not forget the memories he obtained from those within the guild. He would simply forget that they were even part of the guild at all. Though did this matter? No, he had left the guild because of one person. A person whom he followed there in the first place.

    As for Raiza's magic, a majority of it had to do with the infamous Grim Heresy, spells he possessed were designed by him to not work on the guild, but with fragmented memory about it, the magic no longer worked, simply because he no longer knew how to work them. magic that evolved through new development. This development as Raiza put it, was needed. He no longer had memory of what guild he just quit, he knew he had quit one, but no memory of which. Other facts were also present, such as the ties to his own soul, or the benefits he had received through Grim Heresy. His magic was not gone, but it was unstable. Raiza did remember the deed that he had done with Marceline that led to his change in magic. Memories came to him about seeking out a ritual, one that he no longer remembers what happened during the process after he had performed it.

    This hole...was the reason Raiza was standing here, in the blazing hot sun in front of the ruins of some desert structure. See the funny thing about magic, everything has a weakness, no matter what it was. The pact had this one. It made holes. Holes were voids where memory was lost. However, these holes, often left one to question something. However, not all the answers were easily found. This became apparent the moment Raiza finally stepped inside of the building, the air felt and smelled quite stale. Critters scurried around as he carefully trekked further within the ruined structure, seeking answers. However one point he had forgotten, was what he did not remember doing in the name of Grim Heresy. He did certain things in name of the guild, things that due to such, he had forgotten because of the lost pact mark.

    This became clear as he finally opened another door. Large words stained the wall across the room. The room had been dimly lit from the outside, making these words feel even more ominious, yet his body ached to find out more, to search.

    Are you seeking Answers Raiza?

    These words, his name, it made little sense to him. He did not remember this being here before, so it occurred after the ritual, some time during his stay within the guild whose name he does not remember. These words, in fact were written by himself. Part of the pact was he could not tell others, more importantly those that did not bare the pact mark, about Grim heresy. While sure, possible loop holes existed, he could leave himself a trace, one that did not violate the pact. This trace, came in the form of a letter, neatly stitched in leather parchment to ensure no matter the time it took Raiza to arrive here, it would be here. Could this be the lead Raiza was looking for? The answer to all of his questions, perhaps, but as logic dictates, the chances were slim to none.

    Neatly placed upon the desk, Raiza grazed his hand over the sealed envelope. A magic seal carefully place, one that was countless leagues above his own in sealing magic. One that he had to have gotten an ally to seal this. It was easily broken, but why the complexity? A trap?

    "What ever it is... I'm ready"

    His words etched into the seal, opening the letter, but the room had shut behind him. The world began to spin as a liquid darkness leaked from the cracks within the walls until a figure behind him could be heard. Under normal circumstances, one would be blind with no light. This revealed to Raiza he designed it himself, anticipating that he would be the one to come here, and if any random bandit would have, they would die and then instead the room would go back to normal. This could explain why Raiza had seen a few skeletons laying around the entrance after all. Speaking of the entrance...

    It was now blocked by a hideous humanoid figure. Demonic looking, and snarling at Raiza while holding a bastard sword. It was his own death fiend summon. An A-class fusion summon. One that made him wince in remembering his spells were so unstable that they tended to not work right now. Yet the summons were not bound by the pact, only he was. They were able to be imparted with knowledge that he didn't keep, yet not able to be told the knowledge he couldn't know

    "Are you?..."

    The beast stood there, only on looking waiting, until Raiza began to read the letter, which caused the beast to vanish. It was but a guardian, one that kept the letter safe, till the real reader was here.

         I've only got so much time to be writing to you, this may sound odd, but it is you writing this letter to yourself. There may become a time where you are required to read this letter, and if you are reading this letter it only means one thing...

    That you have quit a guild.

    I cannot write what the guild is called, nor your old role within it. I can answer questions you may have, but only under the pretense that I know right now what I would have asked. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for here on this paper, then I suggest you seek out the one you can upmost trust within the world. They may be able to guide you.

    First off, I'm going to be right in assuming your magic may be weaker than normal, this may be expected. Your magic was not created by the ritual you performed, but I can tell you it aided along the process. Your magic if you did not know what it was, involves the three component things that you are. A decedent of the reaper, and one whom happens to be not just an incubus but a vampire as well. In case you already knew that, then you know why your magic is temperamental right now. Yes, its because you do not remember that your magic you designed was designed to not harm your guild. A guild, that you no longer belong to. This costed your magic to become unstable, and it will restabalize itself after you begin studying your own magic, and working many of your spells from the ground up. Prepare for a long training session, you will need it. There is a hidden corridor below, Third tile to the right, lift the stone slab up, it is actually really loose. Follow it, and there will be a large room to train in, about the size of a Colosseum, and do not worry. There will be sufficient light. As for food and drink, you do not need this.

    Second off, I'll tell you as much about the guild that you will not remember. First off, I can only assume I have forgotten their name by then, and thus cannot tell you but be aware of any new guilds that surface that you just perhaps do not recognize. What I will tell you is this. It was a guild you came to know, but is not any of these guilds 'Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus, Sabertooth, Infinity Hydra, Black Rose, Golden Phoenix, Pharaoh's Call, Black Sails, Tartarus, Savage Skull, Basilisk Fang, or Fairy Tail.  You no doubt recognize every name here, do you not? Of course you do. Even if I were to be able to write the name of the guild down on here, you would not recognize it. It is a guild that you cannot find like that. SO DO NOT LOOK FOR THE FUCKING GUILD. You may or may not be being hunted, and if you are, it is by a guild not listed here, and if you are being hunted, then looking for it is the worst thing you can do. Before you go looking, I encourage you to get to a point in where you are regarded by the magic council as not but just a sinner, but one of the four horsemen.

    You were indeed however part of a dark guild, that is for certain, since after all you are a coming storm, ready to become a sinner of fiore. So do watch your back from the guilds of light. Well, I didn't need to tell myself that, but who knows what I may have forgotten.

    The last question I can think that you would ask, is 'what now?' Well... Sorry me, I cannot answer that. You left for a significant reason, its no easy task to do just simply up and do, and I can not tell you why it is not easy to do, but you have done it. You no doubt do not know why you left, but even if you did remember it no doubt, but got side swiped by the lost memories. I suggest you ready yourself first, regain control of your magic. There are powerful undead entities down below in cages for you to fight, hone your magic, and re-master the magic that you perhaps lost control of. Once you are ready, leave and search out Marceline, because that is the reason why you left. If you die, then I guess I was just weaker than I anticipated or you were dumb enough to not use your own spells despite needing them. If you succeed, and seek out Marceline, she is the one person you can trust in the world. After all, I can say this much, prior to you joining the guild you just left recently, you had certain ties, ties that needed to be broken, and hopefully have stayed broken. Good luck, and by the way. Your mech is also downstairs, use it to fly away once done, you'll need it. '

    The letter began to crumble away in Raiza's hand after he had finally finished reading it. Some  questions now had answers, while now new questions arose. However he had understood one thing. He wrote that letter himself in a hurry. Perhaps anticipating his own arrival within a short period. He did not remember it, but he did know where the hole laid. The hole of what he did on a few days. The earliest he knew was but a week at the most ago. Was he anticipating this? The speed, and rush signaled that he knew this may happen. Was it a trap to go down below? No, doubt that. He couldn't have the need or want to kill himself off now could he. Perhaps the guild he was once with had a motto to kill of traitors, and because of this he had to intentionally cause the creatures to be stronger? No, to kill oneself would be out of the question.

    With this logic reasoning in mind, Raiza's cold red pupils stared at the slab that hid the stairway. There were signs of the stone being movable, but who would look in that direction past all the dust and debris. A sigh escaped past his lips, as he knelt down, grazing a hand over the slab, looking for a way to lift it, after all no telling how deep the slab went in a vertical direction. In fact, no way to tell how heavy it even was, so perhaps destruction would be the best? It'd be easy just to phase through it but he knew his magic was so unstable right now, some of his magic worked, some didn't, some of it even just backfired on himself instead. "All or nothing" He spoke aloud, finally gripping tightly on his reckoning blade and driving it down into the slab. The stone giving way as the empowered magical blade let out a blood red and black wave out as the impact occurred filling the room with a red light before the slab itself broke into several pieces, each piece falling and scattering down the long flight of stairs that it concealed, causing the chilling air from below to come rushing up to him, it felt chilling, and quite ominious at the same time. Each step he even took down the stairs made him want to rethink this until the door at the end was finally opened.

    Polished Masonary all around, a switch that lit light lacrima across the room, including the ceiling that was made up of a special stone that had lacrima light within it to further brighten up the room. If one were to take measurements of the cylindrical room, they'd come across that it was 100 meters high from the ground to the ceiling, and 200 meters in diameter. The entire room was made up of the same polished grey/white stone, no doubt created there instead of brought in instead.  Near the entrence by the lacrima light switch were three levers, marked cages '1' '2' '3', a simple enough system, each cage held a more difficult one than the last to progress him up to the point of where he should be. Yet, the aura in the air definitely let him know he was going to be up against one hell of a monster at the end.

    While he knew what his spells were, could he trust them at all? The question remained as his right hand finally lifted up, aiming his reckoning blade forward. "I'll use the spells as they're needed then" he finally spoke, flipping the first switch on just to watch a monstrosity appear from the ceiling above. What ever this creature was, was no doubt going to be the first step in preparing Raiza for his magic. Which to his surprise, the creature held a liquid black appearance like the one that filled the room from before. Though except this time it was not the death fiend, but a lesser creation. If Raiza had to guage it's strength, it was no stronger than some worthless C-rank that was holding a couple blades. Did he himself think that this creature would put up a fight? It may be undead, but how bad can some small, dual sword wielding creature be?

    Quite bad would be the answer. While the creature seemed to zip around the field like a mouse, they came within 30 meters of Raiza before stopping to stare, and Raiza stared back at his opponent standing there, gazing at him with beady yellow eyes. The form of a small lizard like creature with pearl white horns around it's body. Once again, the question was answered with exactly how bad as the creature kicked up speed, closing the distance as fast as an A-class mage, traveling easily through the open field, thrusting one of their swords forward to strike right at Raiza's chest. Had this been one of those fights where Raiza trusted his own magic, it would be over in a flash, he could easily take the hit, allow the creature to phase through him doing the damage, and then back stab the creature with no trouble at all. However, Raiza made the mistake of raising his blade of reckoning up. The speed of the creature was much faster than he was after all. Fast enough that despite Raiza blocking the attack, causing the two blades to graze against each other, the second blade was still now on the verge of collision with him, in fact had he not instinctively activated an ability from his secondary magic, he would have perished right there with a lethal enough blow that would have swiped right through his torso.

    This ability turned his body into an incorporeal form, allowing him to stride past the creature and walk out unharmed. Well... as unharmed as possible. The blow had taken some out of him to reform, but yet he still realized one thing was for certain. He knew his magic, he knew what it did, but there were holes in some of it. It was a moment of realization that made Raiza finally realize why he would have chosen this undead. Quick, fast, one that he knew without spells the chances of winning were slim against an opponent with better sword skill, more speed, and two swords just to top off that scale. Though that was why his instincts had kicked in, allowing him to take the shot, and walk forward, finally turning back around only to stab the beast in the back of the head, ultimately killing it.

    "The man I once was within the old guild is intelligent, I give myself that much credit. Now, I assume that was only but a warm up, one to get me to realize just because there are holes in my magic right now, does not mean I cannot use them to the extent that I remember them." Even flicking on the next switch, Raiza held his confidence. This time when the flip was switched, a creature was lifted up from below the ground only 50 meters from himself as if Raiza had planned to force himself to fight almost instantly. This time however the creature was humanoid standing about seven feet tall. The skin looked fairly burnt or mutated to a strange purple and gray color with parts of the body catching fire before the entire humanoid creature was entirely on fire.

    While the concept was interesting to Raiza, he instantly saw why he chose it. The air began to feel intense with the heat. His ethereal form had it's own weakness. He couldn't deal physical blows while using it, but if he were to disable it now, he'd melt to a puddle without any effort at all. To boot, he also had his health energy slowly draining still as well. "All or nothing I suppose". Though he was unsure of what he could do damage wise to a being that was so hard to get into close contact with anyways. Yet still, the air began to thicken as droplets of red poured from the ceiling. Blood Rain was the technique he was now using. The tiny droplets of blood were like razor knives, cutting into the flames, being easily vaporized but dimming the flames in the area down to a reasonable level to fight off. While it wasn't enough to win, Raiza began to realize further, his magic was unstable, weaker than normal yes... but it was not gone. Not this time at least.

    Even as he felt the sting from the blood rain hurt him, he had to concentrate, letting the deadly rain be controlled. Eventually it had picked up in force, and the pain began to trickle into nothing. It took only minutes to do what he figured it may take hours to do. Each drop that passed through him and into the ground, not even soiling the floor a single bit. Slowly Raiza even added his undying force signature spell to the mix. Causing the torrential rain to brush away the flames from the monstrosity he had been fighting. A last ditch Fire ball was sent his way, only to be consumed and wiped out by the rain. Even with the creature's flames now extinguished, Raiza felt ready for the last creature after having watched the beast turn to ash.

    The first signs were apparent as his blood rain had stopped. The switch was activated and what Raiza saw now was a Six foot figure with heavy metal plate armor and two large straight swords. "Creatures that would be impossible if I didn't trust in myself for the first two. I can only imagine this last one I'm seeing, is a testimony to giving it my all. Already I feel the presure of it's magic. I think this is one of those moments when I finally ascend to my reaper form, full force." He had came to a conclusion that already this was to show, a last resort was always possible. When magic spells were not able to be no longer used. Having activated his reaper mode, Raiza's spells were all now locked away from him. Each spell tightly woven into his body as the magical power he possessed fueled his body instead, drastically and easily pushing his magic to a compact viel around his body just to enhance who he was. At first the feeling made him feel weaker, but each moment of his body felt as if he had grown in strength, speed, and more.

    What was more now, was a second blade appeared in Raiza's hand. In his right was the blade of reckoning. In his left, was the blade of ravaging. A blade that only appeared when reaper mode was activated. Yes... he remembered that. "I see" he whispered before even his entire body was now clad in a strange metallic looking armor. It was not full plate armor, but rather medium level, allowing near full range of moments, while being highly protective to all parts of the body. Hell it made him notice it kept nearly all traces of his own magic at bay, it protected him from being easily sensed, while keeping the armor itself up and running as well to protect him from the most damage possible.

    "I must have chose a creature that knew my techniques, so I'll have to forgo any technique I know, and rely on my own speed, strength, and wits about the fight" It was a clear and obvious thing the moment Raiza lifted on blade up bringing it into a defensive manner, while readying his second blade to  a position by his side ready to strike with a counter. "NOW!" he shouted, finally taking his first steps forward. At first it felt slow. Yet he had already crossed the distance that the first creature he fought had crossed. After all the creature was able to travel easily about thirty nine miles an hour. While Raiza was able to move roughly thirty one before the enhanced state, however his reaper mode easily increased his speed two fold, bringing his speed to sixty two miles per hour. Far more than fast enough to blitz towards the new opponent of his.

    Which is what Raiza did. The distance was closed in a matter of seconds. His blade gliding through the air cutting through like air as the clash of metal was heard for only a brief moment while the two entities, Raiza and his opponent had traded blows, landing behind each other only for both to spin around, clashing blades a second time, almost as if they were dancing at this point. "Faster", he whispered. Using his second blade to prevent counter attacks while the creature was able to defend more than well enough against his primary strike. The only thing good right now was Raiza saw the damage on his own weapons healing. Cracks, chips, and scratches on his new blade were healing, while the other blade seemed to never sustain any damage. His armor, which had only been nicked once so far had recoved it's damage too.

    Though What Raiza did not see was he was still out classed. In terms of skill, his opponent was easily A-class in all attributes, and their weaponry choice was slightly faster. The two straight swords were thinner than his own, and able to piece through the air in thrusting motions faster than his own blades could cut them to the side.

    Even after both combatants had clashed over and over, finally jumping backwards, and skidding to a stop after landing from the force. The stares were exchanged in respect. Raiza had been clashing with his opponent for now well over an hour. The time it took within that range had given his ravaging blade's ability to take hold. The creature ahead of him was not just beyond his own skill, but still able to be worn down. His own skill did not match the creature's, yet his undying endurance kept him alive, and his weaponry healed on it's own, or just flat out could not break. The weaponry of his opponent however was another story. The armor, and swords they held, were chipped, dulled through the combat, cracked or broken in areas. The fight if it were to go on from now, Raiza would win and they both saw that.

    "This is the end. I will win."

    The creature nodded, raising their swords up once more. It looked as if the creature was prepared to die, as if ordered to do so. "As you wish" The creature could not speak more than just that, though it did think about what it wanted to say  'It has been a pleasure serving you my king'

    It was done however. The two sped up, launching themselves forward. The sound of metal clashing could be heard only for a second before both landed but 10 meters away with their backs facing each other. Raiza's reaper mode was now deactivated, but the creature behind him was still standing. The top half of one of the two swords was laying on the ground behind him, while the other sword was still gripped tightly with the hand that was currently no longer attached to the creature. It only took a few seconds before the creature too, fell over. Their head slowly rolling from it's position, colliding with the floor before the knees finally buckled and collapsed over. The fight was over.

    As for Raiza...

    ... He was already gone, the scene had gone black, and he had flashed back to reality. Was this a precognition with his reaper's sight ability? Perhaps... he did still feel the pact mark, and felt like he would soon enact this exact scenario, but who would know... it was a strange vision he had.

    (a vision, and he will enact this icly too, however it has just shown how much his own powers has developed)


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