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    LET THERE BE BLUUUDDDD!!!![Job/Private]


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    LET THERE BE BLUUUDDDD!!!![Job/Private] Empty LET THERE BE BLUUUDDDD!!!![Job/Private]

    Post by YoungBridge 29th November 2016, 6:57 am

    Fenghuang skipped to her location, a building that was hosting the Rose Garden Blood Drive. Fenghuang was familiar in a sense about how the blood drive worked. She was there to keep the people entertained, help provide food and drinks, keep kids from getting rowdy and overall just make sure the blood drive runs smoothly. As she arrived to her location, she remembered no hats or hoods. Not that was a problem, it was hard to wear any headgear when you wear a hair pin and comb. So they got her registered and she went in.

    It was rather packed already, a fellow nurse guided her to help take care of food and drinks from the people who donated blood. She looks at the platter set, bread and water, nothing to special or great but enough to fill a stomach. She stands behind the tables along with other mages in giving out food and water to those who have donated. They had a system, those who donated would be given a coupon for bread and water, so Fenghuang only have those who produced the coupons. She would talk endlessly with the patients who came by her table and immediately switch whenever another by. They had to move Fenghuang to another position inorder to fit her mote prefectly.

    So they had her entertain the donors while their blood is drawn for packing. It was okay at first, her fan dances were graceful and beautiful, and the only time she was quiet. Galileo floated nearby watching the dance, it was beautiful to him, nothing he had ever seen. When the dance was over, it got rather noisy as Fenghuang went on and on about her life with those that listen. It was surprisingly well received. Galileo listened with jaw on the floor as he listened to how the donors were actually paying attention and even talk about their lives too. But due to how short the drawing of blood was, conversations ended rather quickly. But it did not deter Fenghuang's endless conversation and train of thought. Just how does the girl entertain people with her sheer energy and talk, is a magic Galileo may not understand at all. The more Fenghuang went on and on, the more it seems that the people want to donate. Eventually they had to move her again as some people were complaining.

    They had her in charge of kids who's parents were doing the donations. Which was a terrible mistake and a good idea at the same time. She was like a mother hen leading her chicks. Fenghuang somehow has a natural affinity with children. Must be her hyperactivity that makes children trust her so easily. She marched through the place with children trailing behind her in a line. They followed her dancing to the best they could as they went around the area, entertaining those who were waiting, those were having their blood drawn and those who were eating and resting. They were definitely a cheerful lot.

    Eventually the blood drive had to end, they got more than they expected. The staff there thanked the mages and patted Fenghuang on the back, made their job more enjoyable.

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