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    Guild Weapon v2

    Anastasia Isayev
    Anastasia Isayev

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    Discussion Guild Weapon v2

    Post by Anastasia Isayev on 28th November 2016, 8:18 pm

    Okay, so I was told to hold off on creating the guild weapon for now. And since I can't move crap out of the archived area... yeah~~~ Remade topic here for reasons.
    Guild Weapon v2 743995-lion_heart_1
    Name:  Leviathan's Fang
    Rank: Multipart (AAL)
    Type: Melee/Ranged Weapon
    Description: A mixture of a revolver with a blade.  This weapon has a revolver grip and a revolver cylinder attached to a blue colored blade.  Unlike conventional weapons, this weapon does not contain standard ammunition, using the magic from the surrounding area to fire a round out running parallel with the blade.  The blade, itself, is also very strange as it doesn't manifest itself until after the user has a firm grip upon the trigger/handle of the weapon.  Upon manifesting itself, a blue blade of pure energy comes out from the weapon.  Due to it's energy nature, it doesn't effect the trajectory of the rounds launched out of the revolver-end of the blade but it still interacts with other weapons, flesh, and other objects.  This is typically a two-handed weapon, but can also be used very easily as a single-handed weapon.
    The blade is 1 meter long while the blade is manifested and the bullets, themselves have a line-of-sight range.  

    + Easy to transport due to the blade being able to appear and disappear depending on if it's wielded or not.  
    + Extremely versatile weapon that allows for both ranged and close combat.  
    + This weapon does not require reloading as it doesn't use standard munitions.
    + The wielder is granted the ability of flight, with unrestricted movement
    + This weapon is capable of dealing destruction to the environment if direct damage is made from the weapon, itself.
    + Cannot be wielded by anyone the blade doesn't deem worthy.  Nobody that isn't the GM or Ace of Black Sails can wield this weapon.
    + Due to the weapon having a blade of energy, the balance of the weapon is considered "strange" by most that are experts at using swords.
    + Target cannot throw the weapon and expect to deal damage as releasing the weapon removes it's cutting edge from the blade.
    + Armor Penetration (passive) is only effective against people of equal or lower ranks.
    + If the user is in mid-flight and they release their weapon, they may fall to their doom.
    + The user cannot take anyone other than themselves with the weapon's ability to grant flight.

    1:  All strikes with this weapon completely penetrate through armor and shields, ignoring their effects and protection (Both with the blade and the revolver).  This also allows the weapon to cut a hole into any surface with exceptional ease in the event a "door" needs to be made.  
    2:  Anyone wielding this weapon is granted the ability of flight.  However, this only effects the wielder and nobody else.  

    User Ranked Ability 1:

    Name:  Elemental Blast
    Rank: User's Rank
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 3 Posts
    Description: Imbuing the element of the user's choice, the user swings their sword to strike their opponent and pulls the trigger at the right moment.  Like a blast from a shotgun, elemental shells scatter in a short, but wide area around the target.  
    Effect:  Must be used in conjunction with a standard attack.  This deals 1.25x User's rank in magic damage of the element of their choosing.  Due to this being a spread-shot, the effective range of this ability is melee range.  
    - Deals additional damage to those weak to that particular element, giving the user an advantage in combat.
    - Deals slightly more damage than a standard spell
    - Very, very small range
    - If the element chosen was something a slayer can consume, the slayer will consume the element.
    - May ONLY be performed in conjunction with a standard attack with the weapon.  This cannot be a stand-alone ability.
    User Ranked Ability 2:

    Name: Positron Blade
    Rank: User's Rank
    Duration: 5 Posts
    Cooldown: 6 Posts
    Description:  The user holds the blade out in front of them and with an incoming spell, the user absorbs the spell into their blade just before it strikes the user of the weapon.  Upon absorbing the spell, the blade powers up to a much larger weapon, capable of dealing massive damage.
    Effect:  Capable of absorbing spells of equal rank or lower.  After absorbing the spell, it powers up the blade depending on how powerful the spell that was absorbed:
    Equal rank:  +50% damage
    1 Rank lower:  +40% damage
    2 Ranks lower:  +30% damage
    All others:  +20% damage
    - Capable of avoiding damage from certain spells
    - Buff's attack damage for the weapon.
    - Must be used defensively to "absorb" the spell.
    - Cannot absorb spells of higher rank
    - Can only absorb ranged spells that aren't strictly melee ranged.
    - Can only absorb 1 spell per use.
    - Must absorb a spell before the buffs are gained.
    - This only stops the attack from attacking the target in the case that the spell was an AoE.  Does not protect others from the AoE.
    - The only spells that can be absorbed are offensive spells.  Cannot absorb defensive or support spells.
    User Ranked Ability 3:

    Name: Counterattack Overkill
    Rank: User's Rank
    Duration: 1 Post
    Cooldown: 3 Posts
    Description:  The user holds the weapon in a defensive manner, awaiting a melee attack from the user.  Once struck by a melee attack, the user takes the full-brunt of the attack before the energy blade of the weapon lashes out at the attacker.  The blade dislodges itself from the weapon and starts to attack the target 6 times in extremely quick succession.  
    Effect:  The user must first be struck by a melee ranged attack.  The user then lashes out at the target striking 5 times @ 30% Rank magic damage each.  The 6th attack deals 10% of the damage dealt to the user in the initial attack.
    - Counterattack for massive damage
    - The counterattack is VERY quick, making it hard to dodge or react to.
    - The 6th attack damage varies depending on how much damage the user takes to trigger this ability.
    - Requires the user to take damage from a melee attack.
    - This does not work against ranged attacks unless the ranged attack was performed at point-blank range.
    - A friendly unit cannot trigger this effect as it automatically attacks the target that attacked it; thus it would attack the friendly unit instead.
    - While this position has been taken (ready to counter-attack) the user cannot do anything else for the post until after the post ends or until the ability is executed.
    -1 Ranked Ability:

    Name: Dragon Shot Spiral
    Rank: User's Rank -1
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 3 Posts
    Description: With a single shot from both barrels of the weapon, blue energy appears through the air before turning into 2 spiraling blue dragons.  These dragons fly outward in a helix-shape dealing damage to anything and everything.
    Effect:  The shot creates 3m diameter dragons that encircle each other in a helix shape, covering an 8 meter diameter.  These dragons travel up to 60 meters in this fashion dealing -1 User Rank damage to the first target it hits and 80% of that damage to all other targets afterward.  The attack goes through walls and obstructions (completely ignoring them while dealing no damage to them).  This attack travels at 20m/s.
    - Good for attacking targets behind cover
    - Wide tube-shaped area of effect
    - The Slow Speed makes it easy to avoid
    - Extremely Linear attack means you could sidestep the attack.
    - Cannot use the revolver portion of the weapon until this ability finishes cooldown.


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