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    Ambrosia of the Gods [Job]


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    Ambrosia of the Gods [Job] Empty Ambrosia of the Gods [Job]

    Post by Monica 27th November 2016, 4:02 pm

    Sirius Pendragon • Black Rose • D Rank

    After the countless times he had been in Rose Garden, Sirius had not been able to sit down and chill on his own in a wine bar that held a very soothing vibe. The music, the drinks and the weather all seemed to be working together for the perfect event. Sirius had chosen to sit outside, where he could feel the occasional breeze embrace his figure. It had to be around fifteen degrees at the moment, given how Christmas was just around the corner. Hell, it was almost a new year and here Sirius was, just chilling on his own, not caring about his goals for the future. Right now, he had a stable job as a wizard, taking jobs and earning money from them. He didn't need more than that right now. Unless he suddenly decided to gain some sort of position right now, there was no real rush, and he was content with what he had for the time being. The waiter would arrive at his table to take his order. But before Sirius could even open his mouth to give him the name of the wine he wanted for tonight, a pudgy man with a very fancy moustache appeared right next to his table. Sirius glanced up to meet the very excited grin of this new stranger, who began to babble about a new wine that he had just tested with. "Ahhh sir, you must taste it! It's my own special recipe, the ambrosia of the Gods!" The moustache man then brought out a bottle of wine and popped it open, pouring a fair amount into the glass that was placed in front of Sirius.

    "Uh, well I guess I could," said Sirius with a nervous chuckle as he watched the plum-colored liquid slosh around in his wine glass. He would then lift it, give the moustache man a small smile and twirl the glass before taking a sip. It tasted indeed like a heavenly nectar that could heal all of his stress and fatigue. He couldn't bring this feeling into words, so he just nodded first, placing the cup back on the table then standing up to take the bottle from the man, studying the details written on the makeshift label that was basically just a piece of paper stuck to it with handwritten contents. "This is genius, my friend. I can't wait to have more of it!" Sirius exclaimed in utter surprise and excitement. The moustache man seemed to be very pleased by this reaction as well. Sirius would then watch the waiter pour more into his glass and place the bottle next to his glass, and left with a bow. The moustache man grinned and chuckled, patting Sirius on the back and saying that he was so glad that the first customer he showed his wine to loved it very much, and that he could come again for free wine anytime. "Thanks a lot, my friend."

    Location;; Wine Bar.
    Word Count;; 500 / 500

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