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    Permit to World Travel [Job]


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    Permit to World Travel [Job] Empty Permit to World Travel [Job]

    Post by Monica 27th November 2016, 1:13 pm

    Sirius Pendragon • Black Rose • D Rank

    It had been recently announced to the general public that any and all wizards with plans to travel outside of Fiore would have to register themselves and obtain a passport at the ports of Hargeon. Now one couldn't possibly imagine queuing up in a line near those smelly docks, it was close to impossible! How in the world was Sirius going to tackle this goddamned situation. He had a strong dislike towards sweating and with his rough estimate of how many people were going to be there for their very own passports, it seemed almost impossible. But impossible wasn't a word in his dictionary, and so the dark-haired wizard took off wearing the lightest outfit he could find in his wardrobe, and a coat just placed over his shoulders. It was heavy enough not to fall off, which was good enough for him. The weather was finer than he had expected it to be, causing a cheeky grin to spread across his face. "Ohaiyo, young Pendragon," greeted his old neighbor who greeted him every single day she saw him. She was old, but she was still going. Sometimes Sirius wondered to himself if the old lady was even more productive than him. All he did was laze around and take care of his garden. But maybe it was because that was all the poor lady had to do. Her family was always away, either on vacation (yes, leaving the poor old grandma back at home all alone) or busy all the time with their own schedules. Sirius was actually nice enough to invite her to tea sometimes, and also help her around with her hobbies – cleaning the front porch, making their tiny little garden up front look welcoming, and the like. But today, Sirius was on his way for a passport, so he had no time to help.

    "Morning, nana, I'll be back in a while to help you tidy up your front porch. It looks like it needs a youngin's touch," replied the hurrying magus. Sirius gave her a wave, then strode out through his automated front gate. Being as rich as a noble, you would wonder why he didn't have any form of transportation to take him to places faster. Well that's a simple question with a simple answer – he didn't like to stand out, not even in the slightest. He just wanted to blend in with the ordinary folks and keep himself looking like one of them plebs. You could say that he was pretentious, because that was exactly what he was, but at least he wasn't flaunting about his rich ass, or something like that. Rather, he'd keep a secret about it. Back to reality, Sirius arrived not long after, at the ports of Hargeon. He had taken a carriage ride that would take him right to the docks. From a distance, he could already spot a giant queue of people. "Ugh, I knew this would happen," said Sirius in a devastated tone, while touching his forehead with the back of his hand. "Thanks for the ride," he told the carriage driver and gave him the price for the ride, descending down the steps of the carriage and observing for a while. Only after the queue lessened would he grab the opportunity and enter the shorter queue. The passport required nothing more than a shot of his face and his full name, address and contact information. Once the boring parts were over with, Sirius headed home.

    Location;; The docks.
    Word Count;; 600 / 500

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