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    Blabber mouths (Private for Kaisto and Kaya)

    Caelum Pendragon
    Caelum Pendragon

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    Blabber mouths (Private for Kaisto and Kaya) Empty Blabber mouths (Private for Kaisto and Kaya)

    Post by Caelum Pendragon 26th November 2016, 7:37 pm

    Kaisto was sitting in one of the booths at the Silver Moon Inn, he sat beside a girl he had no clue about all excpet that she had cool clothes and was from what he thought was brownish blonde hair, but in front of him was a man dressed in weird clothing like it was just patched together but he had a bit of a beard and had on glasses that covered his green optics This guy had asked to make an Almanac about Golden Phoenix and Black Rose and well Kai was from BR where as this girl HAD to be GP oh well what can hurt.

    "Hoho! I thank you two for agreeing to tell me about your wonderful guilds, this Almanac will be like nothing ever seen, soo you must tell me all about your guilds, from people to the hall and yourself, history and all of that!" boy this guy was very enthusiastic about knowing about guilds so Kaisto started first

    "Well Black rose has been around longer then me man so I know only a bit of its history, we were once stationed in Laventir, we had been a neutral guild of bounty hunters but we basically fought for our right to become a legal guild to help us out meaning the members and make their lives better. Later we had to move to Rose Garden, i can't remember cause jobs and such knocked a few screws loose in my memory" he laughed a bit before continuing "But Rose Garden loved us and wanted us to set up there so we agreed. Now as powers go myself im a First Generation Sky Dragon Slayer, trained by the dragon Skyris, my pet Bastet is a goddess with Moon and Protection magic, she was originally wanted by the magic guards but were i made her my pet i took responisbility for her and they absolved her of crimes. Now for other memebers i know that some of them are actually Dragon, God, and Demon slayers in the guild right now, there are other types of magics from gun magic, to requips, to even healing magics probably the same for all the guilds, im still new myself im only C Ranked but our Leader is very strong, her name is Izayuki and she is a Glacier God Slayer and practically unbeatable in my opinion, shes a Tanuki Yokai with a sick special ability that im sorry i cant tell ya about she told me i can only say that, but that being said we even are very very diverse and welcome all who wish to strive to help the areas that they are from and are living at too"

    With that Kaisto sighed and took a drink of water after telling about Black Rose from his perspective, he then looked at the guy who was finishing scribbling what Kaisto said and then smiled "OHOHOHO! Thank You so much! This is valuable! Now Miss you are from Golden Phoenix so please tell me about them" he asked looking at her while he held his pencil and paper.

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    Blabber mouths (Private for Kaisto and Kaya) CZseiRq
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    Blabber mouths (Private for Kaisto and Kaya) Empty Re: Blabber mouths (Private for Kaisto and Kaya)

    Post by Lorem Ipsum 26th November 2016, 8:02 pm

    Kaya Bryndís ♥ Golden Phoenix ♥ D Rank

    The fact that she had been asked to give information to some strangers on a guild she had only recently joined seemed odd to the young vampire. Still, a job was a job, and it had been hanging up on the board back in Oahu, so why not do it for a seemingly handsome amount of jewels to be rewarded? Kaya had been asked to meet the client at Silver Moon Inn, a strange but rather nice place in the town of Rose Garden. She had patiently waited through Kaisto's long explanation on Black Rose, and was attempting to form her own miniature speech on Golden Phoenix in her mind, while half-listening to the brown-haired man's own answer to the interviewer.

    Finally, it was her turn... here went nothing. "Golden Phoenix is a guild that focuses on treasure hunting, and accumulating wealth by either searching for it or taking on tough jobs. Our Guild Master... I have yet to meet him, but his name is Elyx Reiaki. He's the first Wizard Saint, actually, and it is well known that he plays the violin. Someone also told me he is the Sky God Slayer... but don't quote me on that. The Aces of Golden Phoenix are Hero, Astrid, and Leila... though I don't know much on them either...." Kaya trailed off, attempting to think of what else she could add. "Oh, and part of our Guild's Hall is underwater! Which no other guild can brag. As for anything else... that's all I can think of."

    "Yes, yes, thank you both, Mr. Tyreal and Ms. Bryndis! This information is splendid! And as I promised, the payment for your time," the well-dressed man said, suddenly flicking his wrists and summoning one thousand jewels to each hand. He quickly handed them each to the two mages, before standing up and making his way out, perfectly content with the knowledge he had received... oh yes...

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