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    Girlfriend for a Day | D-rank | Solo


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    Girlfriend for a Day | D-rank | Solo Empty Girlfriend for a Day | D-rank | Solo

    Post by Reiya on 26th November 2016, 10:53 am

    Job Title: Girlfriend for a Day
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: D-rank or higher, solo, female.
    Job Requirements: min 12 posts, 100 words per post.
    Job Location: N/A
    Job Description: 
    A local boys who live in ______ have told his parents that he has found a girlfriend so they would leave him alone. But instead of making it better it had made it worse for now that his parents want to see his girlfriend. He had also told them that his girlfriend was a mage, and now he has to find someone to help play the role of his girlfriend. Your job is to successfully convince his parents that you're his girlfriend, and you are to arrive the day before his parents come to prepare. If you don't convince his parents there will be no reward. 
    Reward: 700 jewls
    White-Ribbon MAVIS
    Beg forMercy. 

    Mavis quietly walked around her apartment to her bathroom, grabbing a towel from the dryer. Readying her shower she started to strip from the pajamas she wore to bed the night before, the pajamas decorated in pandas and small hearts. The material of the pajamas as soft as silk. She slowly prepped the shower, getting the water ready. Turning the knobs to the perfect position for the perfect show, she smiled this was much needed, showers always jump start her morning. As she got in the shower the sound of water hitting skin began to fill the apartment. 

    Mavis sighed of relief. This was just what the Pegasus woman had needed. After the incident the night before she had, having to tell a little girl that her pet goldfish had died, because her parents were too scared to. However it was fine, in the end the girl learned something and so did her parents, hopefully. If not then she had obviously wasted her time on the family, which could've been spent doing something better. 

    Mavis made sure to use her conditioner and shampoo set that would make her hair silky-soft and as well as smell like cherries. Her body-wash however was a totally different scent, it smelt like strawberries, she had a knack for mixing more than one scent, especially if the scents complimented and went with each other. The woman had washed her hair and body, making sure to leave nothing unwashed. Shutting the water off she would step out of the shower and dry herself off, with a previously obtained towel.

    She smiled as she dried her hair and wrapped a towel around her body, looking at her reflection. She had grown so much, compared to her younger self she had gone through great mile-stones to become the woman she was today. As she finished drying off she grabbed her toothbrush making sure to brush them and making her teeth pearly-white as well as making her breathe smell minty-clean. Today felt off though, she felt weird. Like something off about herself and just this day.

    As she left her apartment and began walking she went to the Guild-Hall of Blue Pegasus. She sighed, she could remember days when the guild was thriving and lively. Now it consisted of dusty halls and spider webs in the arches and corners. As well as a drunk bartender who was half the time asleep, and didn't care to do their job. The job boards never had much action either, the guild was practically falling apart due to losing their Guild-Master. 

    The Pegasus woman didn't care, that just meant someone had to step up, and maybe that someone could be Mavis if she could get strong enough in time. Mavis quickly swiped a job request from the board, being the only few there that looked fun. Mavis planned to make this guild grow and prosper once again, it was something she felt was her responsibility. She looked back upon the guild hall, opening the doors to leave. Hopefully she could save her home.

    Skimming over the mission it appeared some boy that lived here in Clover needed her assistance. Apparently some dumb ass lied about having a girlfriend and now he wanted someone to fake it for him for the day. Usually she would be of too high of a class to take on such a low-request, but in dark times you need the jewels and the experience from any and every mission. Surely she could grow from this and find some kind of learning experience out of it, somehow she would make this work.

    Arriving at his house was not much of a hassle, the man was certainly charming, he greeted her with kisses to her hand and chocolate. The man knew how to certainly get his way with a woman.

    "Hello Miss Goddess." He winked.

    Mavis smirked, "Get to the point pretty-boy."

    He nodded, "Of course, so tomorrow I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend to my parents, they wouldn't quit bugging me...- I just- urr, you know got fed up with the questions." he sighed, "You know?"

    Mavis sighed, "Not at all, but this is what I came to do here so of course." 

    With that statement the both of them had fallen asleep, ready for tomorrows dreadful events, Mavis definitely was not happy, she barely knew the guy and this was the lowest task she's ever done, like seriously even telling that girl about her goldfish was more tolerable this this. The next day would arrive and the doorbell would ring, in would come the parents of her client, she smiled waving at them, she learned last night that her "boyfriend," his name was Josh Nevertale. 

    "Hello Mr and Mrs. Nevertale." She giggled, "I am Josh's girlfriend, Mavis. Hopefully I will someday be more than that." She gave an innocent smile, making sure to keep eye-contact.

    Mavis could hear his mother whisper, "Ooo James, she's good I like her, hopefully she's our daughter-in-law." 

    His father, James only nodded, moving onto Josh, "So my boy, why don't you show me that you're really dating."

    Mavis cursed, mentally. She had to kiss the pretty-boy now? She prepared herself for his lips to touch hers. 

    "Of course, dad." Josh smiled, "C'mere babe."

    Mavis leaned in kissing Josh, the kiss would get heated as the two's lips would connect for seconds then pull away to be re-connected. He tried to pry his way into her mouth with his tongue, however Mavis wasn't having it. She knew his parents were watching, and her refusal might throw them off track, however she knew exactly what to do.

    "Babe... not in front of them. I'm trying to make them like me." She smiled at Josh, holding his hands.

    His mother gave a hearty laugh. His father smirked his cheeks a bit red. Josh smiled at Mavis too, she really honestly thought that he was getting a bit too much into it as he would slip his hand down her back, trailing to new territory that he was not welcomed to. Mavis took control of the event telling them they could have lunch with them, the parents agree'd happily and ate lunch with the "couple."

    "So tell me Mavis, I hear you're a wizard?" His father asked, Mavis.

    She nodded, happily. "You're correct. I use a magic that acts like a world-wide web, collecting and researching basically."

    His mother coo'd "Ahhh~ so my baby has a smart girl, how charming."

    After lunch Mavis would escort them out the house, hugging them and even accepting their kisses to her cheek and returning them.

    Mavis looked at Josh with a glare, "You went too far with our kiss and trying to touch my ass while they were here."

    Josh smirked, "Well you just were so convincing you convinced my body that you wanted it, bet you need this too." He grabbed his crotch thrusting into the air.

    "As if." Mavis turned her chin, acting stuck up. "I want my reward and I will be on my way."

    Josh sighed giving her the promised award and even kissed her one last time. Which lead to Mavis smacking his face, and knocking him on his ass and leaving him.

    One does not simply,  run from me.

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