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    Horse Hunting (Job; Axilmeus & Styg)

    Axilmeus Steel
    Axilmeus Steel

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    Horse Hunting (Job; Axilmeus & Styg) Empty Horse Hunting (Job; Axilmeus & Styg)

    Post by Axilmeus Steel 24th November 2016, 7:47 am

    He could have run off to some place more inconspicuous, had he not wanted me to find him so easily.

    Axil was now standing at the door to the Haunted Guild, a landmark in the cursed lands. Though he was initially against it, he had gone off in search of jobs, as among the things he needed to remain unsuspicious were money and a reputation. He couldn't do anything to oppose his terrifying guild, and thus felt it better to conceal himself, like a snake in the grass. Of course, it would also be useful to make connections, and so he had contacted a peculiar mage he had come in contact with to help him with this job.

    This job involved retrieving a few horses for some old man. Nothing big, but challenging enough. The mares were not to be harmed, if he wanted to get paid. Of course, the big problem here is that the had been stolen by a barbarian, and the mares happened to eat flesh. That being said, Axil's partner for this mission seemed like he would be able to hold his own in a fight, so the two of them shouldn't have that much trouble dealing with their opponents.

    That other mage's name was Stygian Phelgethon.


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