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    Primary Magic: Lost Magic - Thoughtcasting
    Secondary Magic: (Must be filled in later. Magic you bought at the store goes here)
    Caster or Holder: Caster
    Description: Thoughtcasting is a Lost Magic that is the precursor to lesser illusion Magic. It breaks down into Glamours, Enchantments, Seemings, Phantasms, figments, apparitions, mirages, and other shifts in perceptions and understandings. It's said to have developed ages ago somewhere in the Forgotten Desert. On the surface it is the art of using mana to manipulate sound and light to create illusions. A deeper mastery allows the user to project sensations, and alterations of perceptions directly into the minds of their victims. Thoughtcasting was a dark magic, bordering on forbidden. Particularly when used by the Djinn. A Clan of Mages that nearly conquered an empire by masquerading as wish granting entities.

    Caliban prefers to utilize Thoughtcasting a lot like Illusion magic. While he was trained in, and knows about its more totalitarian purposes he doesn't broadcast that fact, and hasn't mentioned it to even his guild. When he utilizes his powers for Glamours and Seemings light and color seems to bend around him according to his whims. On occasion he has shown it can be as seamless as one blink to another, but rarely misses an opportunity to indulge in more theatrical displays.


    • Disables: Thoughtcasting excels in disabling through a variety of perception altering effects.
    • Perception Alteration: Thoughtcasting is most potent when it is used to make something or someone appear in a different manner, up to and including manipulating the senses.
    • Area of Effect: When using light bending illusions Thoughtcasting shines as all who witness its magic fall under the illusions.


    • Smoke and Mirrors: Thoughtcasting is only as strong as its believed to be. Particularly any perception alterations. The more one realizes it isn't real the less hold it has on them.
    • Mana Presence: Putting enough mana into a Thoughtcast to elicit any kind of physical interaction requires nearly twice the power as normal.
    • Strenuous: Using Thoughtcasting is extremely detail oriented. The more complex the illusion the longer it takes to pull off.
    • Single Target: Someone might think its easier to convince one person of something that isn't true than more. But that's not true. Humans are a combative pack creature, the more people who believe something the easier it is to believe. The Inverse is also true. One person can dispute something easier than two.

    Inuki. The Dog Demon :
    Inuki: The Dog Demon:
    Description: Inuki was a demon that could take human form, he was said to be the lord of all dog demons and held great power in the demon world. Inuki could kill thousands of weak demons in one slash. He had a natural affinity with blood and all his attacks are based in blood. One day in demon history, Inuki clashed with dozen of other demon lords that wanted Inuki gone. Inuki slew all of them - but was incredibly weak. He took the form of a human and mated - creating this lineage named after him. He died shortly of his wounds and all that is left of him is his blood.
    Ability: The ones blessed with the blood of Inuki will be able to give the user a passive that allows the user to endure darkness related attacks (25% resistance). The user will also be able to drink blood of his enemy and turn into a dog demon which increases strength and speed by 50% and a 25% damage resistance against everything(boosting the dark resistance to 50%) including magic damage and having a 2% HP/MP regen.
    Usage: Passive. Dog-demon lasts 4 posts from when blood was last consumed and has a 6 post cooldown until it can be used again. The user can alternatively drink their own blood to trigger this but will only have a 2 post duration with a 6 post cooldown and will not have the 2% HP/MP regen.

    Unique Abilities:

    Name: Dreamspinning
    Description: Dreamspinning is a technique that Thoughtcasters learn to employee their magic to the fullest. Its a method of blending their perception alteration magic with a persons own subconcsious to create those 'little' details to better cement a falsehood. Its a psuedo science of the psyche with emotional and cerebral magic.
    Effect: Increase duration of Thoughtcast spell by 2 posts, this adds a 1 post cooldown to the spell. (This stacks with previous cooldowns)
    Role-Play: With time Caliban can craft a Thoughtcast that embodies the targets brightest dreams or worse nightmares. (Requires PC Consent)

    Name: Channel The Ancients: Inuki Bloodline Limit
    Description: Sometimes an individual is born with a deeper connection to their ancestor. Caliban is one of these individuals. He has a connection with the essence of Inuki so strong that he is capable of drawing on more of his demonic attributes.
    Effect: Instantly regain 25% of maximum Mana. This ability shares a cooldown with Demon-dog (This means as long as one is unavailable the other is also unavailable)
    Role-play: One cup of blood can instantly rejunivate Caliban as though he had a night of rest and good meals.

    Name: Dreamwalk
    Description: Dreamwalking is a meta spell that Thoughtcasters use to defend themselves. It is a last ditch effort that is used to shield themselves against deadly force and utilizes the mana and structure of a present Thoughtcast spell to manipulate the attacker into directing their workings elsewhere.
    Effect: Caliban can end a Thoughtcast spell effect on a target to redirect that targets action to another. This is treated as an action with all defenses and other viable capabilities allowed.
    Role-Play: Out of combat Caliban can alter a Thoughtcast spell into another

    (List the abilities it provides, make sure to separate each ability! Abilities are like passive traits, or a hidden power that can be activated for a very limited amount of time. These abilities are Unique to your characters specific use of the magic! As a starting D rank character, you are able to have 3 unique abilities, refer to the magic rules for abilities higher than D rank.)

    Spell Template

    Name: ( Name of the Spell )
    Rank: (What rank is your spell? H, S, A, B, C, or D)
    Type: ( Fire, Water, etc. Offensive, Defensive, Supportive.)
    Duration:(How long does the spell last?)
    Cooldown:( How long does it take for the spell to be usable again? Usually one post extra than your duration.)
    Description: ( How the spell is cast, what it looks like, what it does, extra info. Make sure to get into detail. You are required to list a given Speed,  Range,  Area of Effect,  and any applicable measurements (such as the size of a created barrier).  All of these are as appropriate.  Some spells wont have a speed,  some wont have an AoE. But include all that apply. Please make sure that all of these measurements are easily identifiable)
    Strengths: ( List all the positive aspects of the spell Like above, list all of the strengths of the spell.  You must have at least three strengths. Remember to separate each individually and bullet point them. These strengths much represent your spell, and not the over-all strength of the magic.)
    Weaknesses: ( List all the negative aspects of the spell and all the weaknesses like above as well. You must have at least one more weakness than strengths. Remember to separate them individually and bullet point them. These weaknesses must represent your spell, and not the over-all weakness of the magic)

    List of Spell Fusions:(Locked until B rank)(List your Spell Fusions here, name them, category them, have them make sense, and most importantly make them shiny!)

    Name Name of the Spell )
    Rank: (What rank is your spell? H, S, A, B, C, or D)
    Type: ( Fire, Water, etc. Offensive, Defensive, Supportive.)
    Fused Spells(What Spells Went into the Fusion and their Ranks?)
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