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    Collecting Blood (Job)


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    Completed Collecting Blood (Job)

    Post by Seenter 18th November 2016, 5:29 pm

    Looking around the Rose Garden Kyrin realized he had no idea what he was expecting. But whatever he was expecting; it wasn’t this. It looked like his hometown’s festival days on a grand scale. And from what he guessed it ran year round. Magic, wonder, shops, and interests of all kinds. He made a mental note to add this to his writing; though he’d have to leave out the magic part. Maybe he could write some sort of technology to make up for it.

    He mentally brought himself back to the task at hand. He had a job to do. Well it wasn’t much of a job. Attend the blood drive as a helper and put the contributors at ease. Looking back to when he first accepted the job he had no idea how he’d help. Most strangers either avoided him or scowled at him. But if was one of the few jobs he knew he could easily do by himself.

    That’s why he carried a large water skin. Even if he couldn’t put people at ease himself; he knew ‘others’ that could. With a slight nod to himself he headed into the ‘theme park’.

    He only got lost once, as he took a right instead of a left at the Ferris wheel. However he didn’t ask for directions like a normal person. Most of those walking nearby that might help were female. Instead he hesitantly swiped his hand to the left in front of him. It was still a surprise to see the keyboard appear before him, as well as the translucent screen above it. He typed a few simple commands on the keyboard to bring up the custom made map he made when he accepted the job. Looking at his surroundings he quickly pinpointed where he was and the direction he was supposed go. With a smile he swiped his hand again and the keyboard vanished with the screen. This was definitely a useful type of magic to have.

    He found the right building a moment later and introduced himself to the lead staff on hand. ”Glad you’re here. Many of the contributors are complaining about the long wait. Can you help?” Kyrin gave her a nod and held up the water skin. ”I think I have some magic that might help those waiting, and some that can help for those after.” She raised an eyebrow and motioned to the large building. While it was big, the entire room was almost packed with people grumbling about donating blood.

    His face turning red Kyrin looked down embarrassed. Using any type of magic in here could be disastrous, especially if might be big or flashy. Shifting his backpack he stored the water and looked at the head nurse. ”What would you like me to do?

    For the next hour Kyrin worked almost non-stop. He helped those who were waiting, either to keep them calm or entertain them with jokes. Not many laughed, as most were put off by his near lack of emotion on his face. But he had enough in his voice that it put them at ease at least. He avoided the women, or at least dealing with them one on one. Instead each time he put some people at ease he would include some women in proximity. It made it easier to deal with them since he didn’t look at them directly.

    The kids were much easier to deal with, even the girls. He found it easier to give them a smile than when he dealt with strangers. That seemed to ease the parents as well who were there to donate blood. All in all it was good day. By the time the last one left Kyrin was feeling a bit exhausted. The lead staff came up behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder. His body instantly froze, as if stuck in concrete. ”Thanks for your help. You made it easier, even if you were the only mage here.” She took her hand off his shoulder and he almost immediately melted. He kept his body upright though and gave a small nod of thanks. She moved on to help with the cleaning, and Kyrin collected his backpack and left. He considered this to be a good job, though he wasn’t about to take it again anytime soon.

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