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    The First Chapter [Job w/ Tsuchi]


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    The First Chapter [Job w/ Tsuchi] Empty The First Chapter [Job w/ Tsuchi]

    Post by Noheme 16th November 2016, 1:56 pm

    In the past, it would be normal for Leila to actually receive letters with request for certain jobs and mission. After all, her lost title of the Rising Star did mean at least a little bit, and there were few people that still remembered her name being on that roster. However, that was thing of the past, something that was related to the old Leila. The one that was no longer alive. Right now, in her place was someone completely new with her memory hazy as always. The girl finally started getting used to the world all around her and her own powers that she managed to gain from the friendly dragon within the Gardens of Eden. But that was about it, unfortunately. There was not even a single sign of her memories being restored, nor anything or anyone that would seem familiar to her. This did make Leila just a little bit depressed, but not for long. Indeed, a letter that was directed to her made it's way into the hotel room that was the girl's temporary base of operation. And upon reading it, it was not too hard to deduce that this was in fact really meant for the Leila of the past. A request for aid on a certain journey. Someone named Lexa needed help, but could no longer get it. Or could she? Could Leila help anyone in this state? Well, there was really only one way to find that out. If she wanted to recover her memories any time soon, she had to explore the world as much as she possibly could. And staying closed in this room was not helping that at all. With newly found resolve, she nodded to herself, the blue tail behind her swinging from one side to another in rather excited motion as the white hair at the end of it brushed against the hard wood floor. Her first task as far as she knew, this would surely be something very exciting.

    Not waiting too long, she burst out of the door, nearly forgetting to lock them behind her as she looked around. The location was written in the letter, but poor Leila did not remember where it was at all. She had to find a map first, which thankfully did not take too long. And right after finding out which direction to go in, a giant pair of wings sprouted out of her back, right in the middle of the street. And they were not normal either, both wings made entirely out of giant Rose petals. A sight that people of this town probably won't forget for a while. And while the wings were not exactly the fastest method of transport, they were surely better than just walking on the uneven ground for god knows how long. And it did take few hours to reach the destination, but that probably didn't matter too much. Seeing the ancient ruins that ran for miles, the girl decided to head straight down and land on one of the few pieces of grass, stumbling a little. At first sight, the place truly seemed abandoned. But upon closer inspection, it became rather apparent that someone went through here not all that long ago. Signs of someone small and seemingly agile moving about. Perhaps that was her employer, Lexa. Interested in finding her, Leila decided to head out further into the ruins and follow the tracks until she would find the girl and learn what she has to do in order to help. And just by looking at this place, the Rose wizard was getting rather excited, her anticipation nearly spilling out of her body as it overflowed. Deep down she knew that she had a past filled with jobs like this one, but for her right now, this was her first assignment. So in other words, she was kinda like a little kid that was finally allowed to go and play in the amusement park.

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