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    Demon Eyes


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    Demon Eyes

    Post by Kagami on 2nd November 2016, 5:16 pm

    Rank: Mythical
    Type: Item
    The 'item' is simply the user's natural biological eyes. The user willingly gave up his use of magic completely in exchange for these eyes. They offer the user a wide variety of abilities to aid in combat and out of combat alike. An important thing to note is that the eyes are not magical in any way, shape, or form. The abilities provided are not spells, they are simply natural skills that the user always possesses and cannot be taken away by magic. Visually, the eyes will begin glowing a deep red around the iris when any of their skills are used; but otherwise appear as plain and normal eyes.


    • Effects and abilities of the eyes cannot be nullified or altered by magic at all.


    • In order to have acquired/use this item, the user must have given up all use of magic.
    • Effects cannot be enhanced by an allies magic at all.


    The ultimate ability of the eyes, it allows the user to transfer the abilities of the item to anyone whom he makes direct eye contact with, though he also must have the intent of transferring the abilities in order to avoid accidentally granting it to someone not intended. Any allies targeted with this ability will be able to use all of the abilities of this item for 10 posts. Even the S-rank will be automatically activated. Up to 5 allies can be targeted by this ability at once. After the initial post when it happens, however, if only say 1 person was targeted by this ability, no one else would be able to in any later post. This is only one use per thread.

    This is a high level ability that, aesthetically, causes red lightning to emerge slightly out of the user's eyes. In practice, it increases all of the user's physical and mental capabilities by 80% for 10 posts after it is activated. The ability CANNOT be activated at will. In fact, it is quite the opposite; the ability can only be activated when the user is not trying to rely on it. Once the duration expires, the user cannot use any lower ranked abilities for 5 posts, or this ability for 15 posts.



    This ability grants the user the ability to see a target's vitals through their bodies, all physical attacks on that target to deal an extra B-rank spell damage.

    Anyone in the user's field of view, they can see what muscles that person is moving in great detail, allowing the user to predict what their next movement or physical action will be with 100% accuracy. However, since this skill requires a good amount of concentration, it can only be done on one target at a time, making group engagements difficult.

    The user always has the ability to see the area around them in a 25 meter radius from a bird's eye point of view. In addition to this, the user can also always see anything directly in their field of view in great detail from a distance of 1000 meters or less (Only extends to 100 meters in PVP.)
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    Re: Demon Eyes

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime on 16th December 2017, 6:04 pm


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