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    Post by Duckley 24th October 2016, 9:46 am

    The job:

    Catching dogs and feeding babies.. Ganches resume as a mage defenitely wasn't anything impressive so far, hell it was probably more indicative of his incompitence than anything else.. I mean what serious client would hire a magical baby sitter to hunt down criminals and chase after treasure. But that as about to change. And Ganch was exited to say the least.. Hunting down some giant spooky mob boss, who could apparently punch concrete into dust.. It was certainly a step up from giant chickens goldfishi aaand dickheads. Surely this had to be his springboard to greatness.. I mean if he could even find the guy that is.. All he had was a piece of paper and his own wits and let's just say that one of those wasn't that great.

    ''If i was a massive building crushing criminal wheeere would i hide?'' he mumbled to himself as he looked around the streets.. I mean all of his nights out had made him pretty familiar with the streets of this place.. but then again not even the town guard could find the guy, and all those dudes did was pace around in circles all day.

    Normally he would start by flying up into the sky to get an angle aand so he did. people that were walking past the floating man ducked down onto the ground in fear as he suddenly shot up into the sky.. ''Let's see here... '' He mumbled to himself as he seized tha landscape.. taking notes of all the suspicious places in the area... The only problem was.. he couldn't see any.. or at least not tell them apart.. everything looked the same from above, high roofs and well lit streets as far as the eye could see..

    He felt a feeling of dissapointment wash over him as he slowly lowered himself back down to ground level.

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