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    To Earthland and Beyond

    Roy the Chanter
    Roy the Chanter

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    To Earthland and Beyond Empty To Earthland and Beyond

    Post by Roy the Chanter 23rd October 2016, 10:28 pm

    Roy had to get his passport in order to go on his next mission, he normally liked to keep a low profile so he would probably use an alias. He approached the building where they gave away these passports and couldn't help but feel as if the place was a bit exhausting. Everyone seemed to be going crazy all around, families, wizards, everyone. The employees especially seemed overworked. He wasn't sure why it had to be so busy today of all days, but it did. Perhaps this would work to his advantage however. If everyone here was this busy he could probably get through the whole process with his alias no problem. At worst he play it off as a joke and use his real name. All the way out here that shouldn't be a problem anyway. He sincerely didn't want to do this but he guessed this was necessary. He sighed and carried on anyway taking out the required jewels for his passport. Reservations aside he just needed to do this once, get it over with, and then never come back here. He waited in line for about an hour before he finally got close enough to pay for the damn passport.

    Getting up there he smiled at the clerk but was only greeted with an impatient, "Sir what do want." He dropped his smile and got straight down to business. "I'm here to get a passport, name's haze I'm a member of the sabertooth guild. Smoke mage, trying to go on a mission etc etc." She nodded her head and hurriedly grabbed the papers which Roy was told to fill out. She didn't seem to care if what he was saying was true or not, and tried to hurry him off to the area where he would fill the papers out. He asked for just one moment and eleven pens. She refused so he just sighed and summoned his smoke hands. Grabbing all of the pens from the signing area and using eleven hands to fill out this damned paper all at once. It only took about 20 seconds, which the clerk was not pleased about. But there was no way he was getting out of line to fill these out only to wait another hour, just to hand them in. He gave them to her with another smile, only to be greeted by an eye roll and sigh. She quickly pulled out the passport and stamped it with their seal. He looked it over really quick and everything in order he decided to simply hop on his cloud and get the hell out of there.

    Getting above the crowd and flying out of there was perhaps the most satisfying part of his day so far. The rest of had been a bust, but oh well, it was over now, he didn't have to go through this again, unless his passport got destroyed, but maybe he could pay a mage to enchant it or something. It would be super expensive but whatever it was worth it just to not have to come back to here again. He really hated red tape.


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