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    Primary Magic: The simple solution
    Secondary Magic: none
    Caster or Holder: Lost, caster
    Description: All things are made up of parts.. Everything from the largest of planets to the smallest of atoms exist because of their many components.. Hell even more abstract non physical concepts are made up of components. Stories are structured by arcs, texts are structured by paragraphs, paragraphs are structured by sentences, sentences become words.. who in themselves use the last component, Letters.

    Letters are a strange phenomena because of their ability to exist without any previous components, you do not need anymore than maybe the pixels on the computer screen or the ink from a pen to form them, yet in the more abstract sense, there is nothing smaller than a letter. Wich alltough it is not easlily observable quite logical. For anything to be made up of something there has to be a point where the building blocks are just that, building blocks. A piece existing all by itself not relyant on anything else to exist but still very relyant on eachother to matter. Now this might not seem like anything more like a bit of philosofical drivel, a piece of neat trivia that you can bring up and discuss with your friends.

    The cult of aakhkarar was an ancient sect of mages who were intruiged.. no obsessed with the idea of components. All they did they based around complex schedules derived from the teeniest of miniscule commands. Time has components too after all. Now mostly all they did was keep to themselves, acting out on their weird philosophy while occasionaly venturing out from the massive library they resided in to spread the word. For the most part they were just any old buncha harmless weirdoes who liked to count miliseconds.

    You see the Aakhkarar were mages, and just like they studied the components of days, or objects, they liked to study the components of magic, what makes a spell work?? what does what in the process of casting? What COMPONENTS do they have??

    The mere theory crafting and problem solving eventually turned into spell casting and mana usage as the mages were able to summon and bend the very energy that made spells work, the entire library of all spells ever written now and in the future rested in their hands.. The only problem was that they had no idea what did what... The many different kinds of largely simple yet incredibly perplexing energies they could wield all turned into a confusing mess as there were simply too many variables to count.

    At first the magic was an unusable mess, that boiled down to intuition and poor dumb luck but over the ages the desire for undestanding and simplicity lead the Aakhkarar forwards as they strived to unlock their unlimited power. A fight to label and identify every single component of casting started, and ended. Of the endless amount of energies and components out their they managed to label...

    Twenty six of them.


    The simple solution is accompanies a very broad selection of spell due to they way their spells are constructed. The user gains the ability to form and control some of the base components of magic itself. Every type of energy at the users disposal is represented by a letter of the english alphabet. The energies themselves are harmless and only appear as large White letters floating trough the air, Spells are cast by the user arranging the energies into different formations that give the energies special reactive properties. Peculiarly the effects of the energy seems to line up with alot of the words that the use today. When the letters are formed into words, the word created gains the properties of, or does what the word says. For example, if one was the spell the word explode the word would detonate. A word like sword would still appear like a large white floating mass of text but the word itself would have properties similar to that of a sword, like being sharp and being hard.

    Strengths: The user has immense variety with what they can do, wether it be empowering trough adjectives, creating constructs trough nouns or making things happen trough verbs.

    The magic is incredibly flexible when it comes to spell fusions as the user can simply combine two words to get a new meaning. Example: Explosion + big makes a bigger explosion at the cost of using more letters.

    Weaknesses: Due to literally spelling out what the spell is about to do, the users actions become incredibly obvious to anyone who can read.

    The user is completely unable to cast instant spells due to him/her being forced to construct words with their components. Each letter in a word takes about a second to form causing larger and more complex words to take alot of time to cast.

    The law of averages applies to all of the users spells and no matter how powerfull the user is, writing explosion will always result in an average sized explosion unless they add on more adjectives and thereby more casting time to the spell.

    Magicians spirit:
    Magician's Spirit:
    Description: The first human gifted with the ability of magic became a powerful Sage of wisdom, and was the messenger of the Gods. Able to lift up mountains, part the oceans, conjure meteors, summon massive tornadoes, Open black holes out of thin air, call upon the stars themselves to come to his aid. However, he was not immortal, and though he did magnificent deeds and told the word of the Gods; he knew he would not live forever and that they would choose another. Unable to let go of his duties, he chained his spirit to the physical world so it can inherit a new host, and transfer his powers to them. Doing this however, relinquished all of his omnipotent power. Those who inherit his spirit, will gain him as a mentor of guidance; but will need to unlock the power of the magic themselves.
    Ability: 25% increase to base MP as well as 25% to spell damage, ability to identify the enemies magic (Whether it's good / evil, elements, and general nature). Ability to summon mage to fight, able to communicate with an ancient spirit with vast information.
    Usage: The user will passively gain an increase of MP and Spell power, as well as have the old Sage appear when needed for guidance. They can however, summon the mage to perform a powerful spell in times of great crises once per thread. Doing this however, will drain the user of their available magic, and relinquish the Sage's wisdom and guidance for the rest of the thread as well as suffering the effects of having 0% MP. The user must have at least 20% MP to summon the Sage to attack.
    Spell: Flare of Solaria- Crash of the Majestic Sun; The Sage will appear next to the user and conjures a Meteor to fall from the sky upon a 30 meter radius + 15 per rank beyond D with an explosion of fifteen meter radius beyond that (+5 per rank beyond D), for 200% user-ranked spell damage. Range is 30 meters + 15 per rank above D away from the user.
    Unique Abilities:
    Arcane cookbook: The users gains an inherent ability to literally read the components of spells. (basically the user can read a spells description) The user can only read spells that they deem simple and higher or even equal ranked spells can not be read.( basically the user can only use this on spells lower than their rank)

    Bookworm:The users fundemental understanding of letters and lanugage makes the user unnaturally good at reading and writing, making them able to tear trough novels ten times as fast as the average librarian. This only applies to the english alphabet.

    Tick Tock: The components of time was something that was immensly studied by the Aakhkarar. The user gains an internal clock, and can with 100% accuracy point out what time it is, wherever he is, whenever he is.

    Spell Template

    Name: CUT
    Rank: D
    Type: offensive
    Duration: instant
    Cooldown: 2
    Description: Roger bends a series of white letters to create the word CUT. The word will then be launched at his opponent at 5mps. On impact the word will go right trough the target cutting the target like if it was a blade.
    Strengths: The spell can cut and go trough multiple targets disregarding any non magical armor the target is wearing.

    The spell fares incredibly poorly against any sort of magical barrier and cannot pierce any spells less than two ranks below the user.
    The spell takes about three seconds to cast.

    Name: STRONG
    Rank: D
    Type: Buff supportive.
    Duration: 3
    Cooldown: 4
    Description: Roger bends a series of white letters to create the word STRONG. The word will then be launched at a target or rogers choice, wether it be a person or an object. The affected object will have the adjective be applied to them. A person imbued with the adjective will notice a severe increase in muscle mass of the duration of the spell.
    Strengths: The spell can be applied not only not living creatures but to object aswell. A non living being imbued with the objective will become ''stronger'' and more durable for the duration of the spell.

    The spell can also be used against enemies to break or damage armor by making the person too large for their armor.
    Alltough the spell boosts the targets strenght by alot, the sudden change in mass will leave the person feeling extremely sore for one post after the buff has run out.

    While the spell can be used to break or force people out of armor the same problem applies to allies.

    The spell takes about six seconds to cast.

    Name: EXPLODE
    Rank: D
    Type: offensive
    Duration: instant
    Cooldown: 4
    Description: Roger bends a series of white letters to create the word EXPLODE. The word will then immediately detonate causing a large AOE explosion in a range of about 4x4 metres.
    Strengths: If the word is imbued with an inanimate object it will explode. This does not work on living beings but it does work on things such as clothes and or weapons.
    Weaknesses: The spell takes about 7 seconds to cast.

    The cool down of the spell is rather long

    Name: REPEAT
    Rank: D
    Type: supportive
    Duration: instant
    Cooldown: 8
    Description: Roger bends a series of white letters to create the word REPEAT. The word will then gain the properties of the last spell roger casted and act exactly as that spell the only difference being the words appearance.

    The spell allows the user to bypass certain cooldowns and essentially allows him to cast the same spell twice in a row.

    The spells appearance can be confusing since unlike all of his other spells it doesn't overtly state what it does.


    The spell has a ridiculously long cool down.

    The spell mimics everything about a spell, even the cost.

    It takes 6 seconds to cast

    List of Spell Fusions:(Locked until B rank)(List your Spell Fusions here, name them, category them, have them make sense, and most importantly make them shiny!)

    Name Name of the Spell )
    Rank: (What rank is your spell? H, S, A, B, C, or D)
    Type: ( Fire, Water, etc. Offensive, Defensive, Supportive.)
    Fused Spells(What Spells Went into the Fusion and their Ranks?)
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