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    A Date Gone Wrong [Nessaj|Job - The Sweet Taste of Jealousy|Private]

    Nessaj the CK
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    A Date Gone Wrong [Nessaj|Job - The Sweet Taste of Jealousy|Private] Empty A Date Gone Wrong [Nessaj|Job - The Sweet Taste of Jealousy|Private]

    Post by Nessaj the CK 22nd October 2016, 7:32 pm

    The night was dark, the moon shined down on a lone street as a man walked down the sidewalk. This man was not particularly handsome or charming, he was rather pretty average. Perplexingly enough however he was one to send out a call for a mage willing to do some dirty deeds. As he passed an alleyway an orange visor glows as a large black gauntlet reaches out of the darkness and grabs this man pulling him into the shadows. The man's muffled screams and flailing against the dark armored mage Nessaj would prove to be useless. Nessaj holds the man's mouth and holds up his letter for the job, "Give me the payment first and you'll get your wish." The man shakes but stutters out a his answer, "N-no, half now then finish the job for the r-rest." Nessaj growls, his helmet rattling with anger as he drops the man back onto his feet, "Very well." The man hands Nessaj the letters and the portion of the payment, Nessaj then walks off into the night.

    The next morning Nessaj tails the mailman on his horse before catching up to his truck when it makes one of it's stops. Nessaj watches the man as he stares back at Nessaj hesitantly. "I have late letters that need to be delivered on special request." Nessaj holds out the stack of letters he was given to the mailman. The mailman nods taking the letters skeptically looking through them. He nods as he recognizes the names and smiles, for it seemed word of their relationship has gone farther then Nessaj was informed. This job may turn to be more difficult then previously thought. Nessaj makes his way to the woman's house before she checks her mail. Once he arrives he watches from afar to make sure no others tamper with the mailbox and letters before she sees them.


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