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    The Fallacy of Mankind: Stage 3- Extinction


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    The Fallacy of Mankind: Stage 3- Extinction

    Post by Lilim on Tue 18 Oct 2016 - 17:07

    Job Title: The Fallacy of Mankind: Stage 3- Extinction
    Rank: 100 Year
    Player Requirements: 4 SS-Rank Wizards+ Two Legal/Neutral guilds+ cooperating (Party must include people from two+ legal/neutral guilds.)
    Job Requirements: You must successfully defend Earthland from major meteoric impact. 50000 word count minimum
    Job Location: Era
    Job Description: On this day, A Meteor 3X the size of Earthland was spotted by celestial wizards and by Celestial Spirits. Once it was known, the Magic Council called together mages from all of the mage's guild to combat the threat. Earthland, As it is now, will be able to take 400 S-Rank Damage from meteoric impact.
    Job Bonuses:
    Mana Overload: The Mana of Earthland is reacting to the invasion of this planet destroying object by mass producing mana, allowing Player's cooldowns be reduced by 2 posts.
    Graviton Discontinuity: The mass of the Meteor produces a lack of gravitational strength, allowing participants to move through the air around them without using flying magic.
    Job Negatives:
    Temperate Spike: The energy of motion from the meteor causes solar flare-like flame lashes that cause 1 A-Rank Fire/Heat Damage per post
    Graviton Discontinuity: The ground beneath you moves underneath you, likely causing 2 A-Rank Damage if you are hit by earth pillars.


    Weak: X10 Meteoric Split-offs: tiny Meteors in comparison, Skyscraper-sized meteor chunks break of from the meteor, taking 1 S-Rank Damage to destroy. They deal 6 S-Rank Damage when hitting the ground, and 12 S-Rank Damage when hitting a participant. these split into chunks the size of baseballs, dealing 5 A-Rank Damage to Earthland and 8 A-Rank Damage to participants.

    Normal: X4 Large Meteoric Impacts: City-sized meteor chunks split from the major meteor, Taking 6 S-Rank Damage to destroy, and when defeated, split into 3 Weak enemies. (each)
    They Deal 30 S-Rank to Earthland, and 45 S-Rank Damage to participants.

    Minor Meteor: 1/3 of the meteor breaks from the whole, Leaving it the same size as Earthland. This takes 50 SS-Rank damage to destroy, and splits into 8 Normal enemies at 15 SS-Rank Damage. This will deal 300 S-Rank damage to Earthland, and will instantly kill participants.
    Is X5 Weak dice rolls and x5 normal dice rolls are rolled before and/during this encounter, it will either (starting) be 6 Normal enemies and 10 weak enemies.

    Major Meteor: Extinction
    the 2/3 chunk left over from the major split takes 125 SS-Rank Damage to destroy, and will split into 20 Normal enemies, and 30 Weak enemies.
    If X15 Weak enemies and X15 Normal are destroyed before the boss roll, it will instead be 20 Normal enemies.
    if X10 Weak Enemies and X10 Normal are destroyed before the boss roll, it will be 30 Normal enemies instead.
    If X5 Weak enemies and X5 Normal enemies are destroyed before the boss roll, it will be a Strong enemy instead.

    Reward: 200K Jewel, and each receives: 1 Legendary(+) weapon or 1 Legendary(+) armor.

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    Re: The Fallacy of Mankind: Stage 3- Extinction

    Post by Madame Astrid on Tue 18 Oct 2016 - 19:08


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