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    iLac's for all! (KIshi/Mission)


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    iLac's for all! (KIshi/Mission) Empty iLac's for all! (KIshi/Mission)

    Post by Sanguine on 17th October 2016, 9:14 pm

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    The entire way into the city, the red headed child couldn't keep herself from her her cheeks keeping a pink hue to them. A prearranged meeting with her newest friend, and one she'd formed a huge crush on during which time made her a little odder in how she operated her normal mornings. Aside from the normal prayer and shower, she simply rushed herself into an outfit she generally hadn't worn on many occasions. A light purple sun dress with matching flats while her hair was done in a rope braid down over her left shoulder. There was something about this girl that made her feel so different compared to how she normally was, but she could never place a finger on why that was. Unfortunately, Aiyana had been away on guild business or something so it wasn't like she had any chances to tell her or ask her anything relating to it. There was nobody else really close to her, so this feeling she had was purely something completely alien to her in this moment.

    It took her hardly any time before she had found the store she was looking for. Standing around, she'd surely stick out like a sore thumb and keeping an eye out for the overly adorable girl she had known. She felt slightly impatient about the whole thing really, but it wasn't as if praying for her to arrive so soon would happen because of it. With a large inhale and exhale, she calmly stood in wait for Kishi to arrive.

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