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    Paying Respects {Invite Only}


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    Paying Respects {Invite Only} Empty Paying Respects {Invite Only}

    Post by Cr1tikal 10th October 2016, 2:22 pm

    Aiyana had heard a lot about the guild of Black Rose recently. It had not been long since she had visited the guild in Levantir Port, before the events that had taken place. Hearing about the destruction of the guild hall, and the changing over of leadership, gave her the urge to pay respects and see how it was going now; which meant travel to Rose Garden. Not wanting to actual go through the celestial realm, the woman brought Nevermore with her; using the staff to turn into a giant raven and fly her way from the country of Tau'ri to Fiore so that she could maker her way to the guilds new base of operations; a place called the Silver Moon Inn.

    The woman would enter calmly, after going back to her normal nine-tailed fox form, and walk up to the person that seemed to be the one to go to inside. "I am here to pay my respects to Black Rose over their most recent events that they have gone through. Can you let the guild master know that Aiyana Shuer is here to see them? I grew up in Levantir so I had interaction with the guild before, and even just before everything that happened. If they don't recognize me tell them Elyx Reiaki can vouch for me." Aiyana was hopeful that she would actually get to meet the new guild master, and maybe get to see what she was actually capable of if they could find the time.


    Paying Respects {Invite Only} MQNhOUw


    Paying Respects {Invite Only} Empty Re: Paying Respects {Invite Only}

    Post by Guest 11th October 2016, 4:44 pm

    Izayuki Hyoujin ♦ Black Rose ♦ A Rank

    The Bakedanuki was enjoying a comfortable snooze directly on a nearby table of the Inn. Obviously, just like Marschal claimed his own table, the small, silver-furred raccoon dog had taken up her older brother's habit and taken one all her own. Not for reading, however, like he did, but comfortably sleeping on the cool wooden surface, curled up in a tight ball.
    It did not take long for the tanuki to suddenly smell something completely new, which stirred her from her moderate sleep. Opening her pink eyes, the small canine focused on the scent that obviously was defined as that of a fox. Blinking a few times to clear the sleep from her eyes, the tiny fluffy yokai gazed up at the Pharaoh's Call Guild Master, and listened intently to her speech. Elyx had told her plenty about the celestial spirit and her unique guild, as the fox-like spirit was contracted to her fiance.

    Sitting up, Izayuki listened to the formal speech from the brown-haired woman, who was obviously here on friendly business. Seeing no reason to not include herself in the situation, seeing as it was the Black Rose Guild Master who was requested to be seen, the Bakedanuki changed her shape from the small creature from before, her true form, to that of a human with pink-dyed hair, silver-furred ears, and a long, fluffy, silver tail, on top of claws and fangs more befitting that of someone who was far from being human or a typical kemono. She sat cross-legged on the table, having not bothered to stand up or get off of the table before transforming; it was durable enough, surely, even if a few people had yelled at her in the past few days for the bad habit. "Hello~!" the yokai said with singsongy voice coming from a wide smile. She lifted her hand in a wave to further get the fox-woman's attention, swishing her own single tail behind her in a calm and relaxed manner. "You're the Pharaoh's Call Guild Master, right? I'm Izayuki Hyoujin, the Guild Master of Black Rose~"

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