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    Ilac (job,solo)

    Jay Silentmark
    Jay Silentmark

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    Ilac (job,solo) Empty Ilac (job,solo)

    Post by Jay Silentmark on 5th October 2016, 7:49 pm

    Job info:
    Job Title: iLac
    Rank: D Rank
    Player Requirements: Any Rank
    Job Requirements: 500 words per player
    Job Location: Neutral Grounds
    Job Description: A brand new device called the iLac has come out and the manufacturer is giving them away to anyone who visits the factory in Neutral Ground. Keep in mind, as soon as you step foot on Neutral Ground territory, all your magic (Primary, Secondary, Weapons, Armour, Pets, Unique Abilities, Passive Effects) is instantly shut down. But that's no problem because all you're doing is picking up your brand new iLac.

    Reward: 1x iLac for everyone

    iLac is a lacrima that functions like our real world cell phones. It can access lacrima-net, but CANNOT grant the user access to OOC information on other players. It can grant the user the ability to contact any other player who also owns an iLac providing that other player gave the caller their Lacrima Identification Code (phone number). The iLac also has a calendar, calculator, HP and MP tracker, stopwatch, alarm, and any other fun applications (that do not permit your character to know OOC information on another character) you can think of. It also has a Sorcerer's Weekly app installed.

    Takumi stepped into neutral grounds with a look of apprehension. He knew it was dangerous coming here for a Fairy Tail mage like him, but getting an Ilac sounded cool. It had several needed components... It would be well worth it if he didn't get caught by the law enforcement. He hadn't taken his pet, nor his weapons, knowing neutral grounds wouldn't allow it. He walked slowly, trying to look completely normal. But unfortunately someone did seem to notice him... They grabbed him and pulled him down an alley just as he was walking past. The mystery person took off the mask they had been wearing to reveal... Takumi's sister? What the hell was an evil mage like her doing in neutral grounds?! "Long time no see, BIG brother." She said with a wicked grin on her face. Her blue eyes had a cruel spark in them as she surveyed her brother. Takumi, meanwhile, was gaping openmouthed at his younger sister. If this wasn't neutral grounds... oh how he longed to finally destroy her. The white haired mage was glaring hatefully at his sister, at this girl who had killed their other sister and destroyed his faith. His blue eyes were narrowed as he looked at her, with her goth-loli dress and those long, red fingernails, her platinum blonde hair falling in silky curtains around her.

    "Go away, why the hell would you come to neutral grounds? Leave me alone, I just came to pick up my new Ilac." The slayer mage spat as he continued glaring at her. The girl simply laughed, a cold and cruel sound. "Fine. but if we weren't in neutral grounds... I'd kill you right here, right now." She melted in the shadows of the alley, dissapearing. After she left takumi sagged in relief and leaned against a wall in an attempt to steady himself. His heart was racing... but now wasn't the time for that. He had to go pick up an ilac. Takumi groaned inwardly and headed for the factory once more.

    After about 20 minutes he arrived at the factory. The line wasn't all that long, which surprised him immensely. This was actually a pretty short line. He moved to the end of the line and patiently waited, there were only 50 people or so in front of him. Considering the line got passports... This was absolutely nothing. He thought about his encounter with Kyoko as he waited. Why had she been here? And why had she only taunted him? Was she trying to drive him mad? Knowing her, probably. He groaned aloud this time, earning him a few stares. "Sorry." He mumured. After a bit he arrived at the front of the line. It didn't take long for him to get an Ilac at all. He walked away, his mind still troubled. She wasn't worth thinking about... he decided with a smile. Who cared about Kyoko? Now wasn't the time to worry about her. He grinned and started playing around with the iLac, figuring everything out as best as he could.


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