True Light


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    True Light

    Post by Izayuki on 5th October 2016, 7:34 pm

    Job Title:
    True Light

    One Hundred Year

    Player Requirements:
    Players must be at least S rank.

    Job Requirements:
    30k words minimum for solo. 35k words minimum for more than two members.

    Job Location:
    Clover Town

    Job Description:
    You are visiting a humble pianist who has requested your presence for a job in the small, quiet city of Clover Town. Upon your arrival, however, you notice nothing but an empty, plain room with a baby grand piano in the middle. As you inspect further, upon touching the piano, you realize that the world around you has changed to a strange scene that can only be described as open and surreal. If you are capable of focusing your hearing in different directions, you will hear a different melody and song on every sound frequency and wavelength playing ever so softly. The music is far from overwhelming, and is somewhat peaceful and relaxing to a degree, as though it could pull you right into it, but there is also something ominous about the vibe of the world in general.

    Exploring further, one will notice certain figures begin to appear, forms of monsters or people, all with great power. These beings each represent the soul of a music score composed by a mysterious man, who none remember the name of. These scores were destroyed long ago, and have all but rested in peace. They are hostile, even though some might seem average, and will try to drag you into their world of music to remain forever, treating you like one of them.

    The only way to world your way up the







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