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    To Earthland And Beyond! (Job)

    Takumi Yoshino
    Takumi Yoshino

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    Guardian of Storms

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    To Earthland And Beyond! (Job) Empty To Earthland And Beyond! (Job)

    Post by Takumi Yoshino 5th October 2016, 3:43 pm

    Job info:

    Takumi looked at the long line of people and groaned inwardly. Was this really the line to get passports? He thought it would be just a bit shorter than this. "Wist, you know what to do." Said Takumi as he pushed his pet behind a large sign. The shapeshifter nodded and turned into a baby, who Takumi picked up. He would use Wist to get closer to the front of the line. Takumi walked to the line and tapped the nearest person on the shoulder, an older lady. "Excuse me, but may I please go in front of you? I need a passport for my son." On cue Wist, who looked like a baby but still had his wits about him, cooed like a baby. "But of course! We wouldn't want this young one not to be able to travel now would we?" Said the older lady. Takumi bowed his head and stepped in front of her, thankful his plan was working so far.


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