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    Justice for All of Earthland! {Job}


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    Justice for All of Earthland! {Job} Empty Justice for All of Earthland! {Job}

    Post by Gideon 1st October 2016, 4:48 pm

    What was a man to do without an escape? Without a way to simply leave this country behind, and start anew? These had to be the thoughts that passed through the wicked; those who chose, with their own minds, to break the laws of Fiore; what was it that brought a person to that point? To the point that they disgraced their country, their king? Their own family was defiled by their decision to act in such a way! What dastardly people chose to live that life. These were the types of things that brought him to this place; the place that would allow for him to leave Fiore and pursue the villains that lived abroad. It was this that would allow him to do what he must; it was not as though he was in this for the fame. Who cared if they knew his name? They simply had to live their lives as they had thus far, that is all he did this for; they need not know this. It was not something that anyone would truly care about.

    "Well, it seems this line is going to hold me up for quite some time... Meh, it seems to be a nice enough day! What could we do to pass the time?" He spoke to himself, though it would seem as though he was attempting to bounce ideas off a buddy that stood in his vicinity. Weird. Well, it was not as though he was screaming; it was a conversational tone, surely it would draw no attention to himself! who would care for a man who spoke to himself? Not a single person that he could name! 

    This, however, does not mean that he was not becoming self couscous! He would stop speaking and merely begin to think to himself; what was his goal? Did he even have a goal? Well, perhaps all he cared about was the people; those who lived a normal, and legal, life in Fiore. Who would want to disturb them? The answer was simple; his enemies. Those who wished to disturb this peaceful lifestyle was someone who he would swiftly detain; there was no need to allow them to continue on about; allow the law to punish them!

    It was not this; justice was not so simple. Even those who meant good were often evil; those who attempted to protect justice would commit such atrocities, all in the name of "Justice," that he was sick! Who would dare use the most righteous of ideas to justify their slaughter of people? While it was true, those who died were villains, it did not mean they deserved to die! They had no right to decide this!

    It was as these things began to irritate him that he could hear the outside world calling to him; it seemed he had to move up; it was his turn to answer some rather plain questions. This was the extent to which they would vet the people? Really? Well, it seemed he would have to put in a large amount of effort to correct their mistake.


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