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    ILac nothing! {Job}


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    ILac nothing! {Job} Empty ILac nothing! {Job}

    Post by Gideon on 1st October 2016, 4:29 pm

    'Twas another day in the land of Fiore, and it seemed that nothing too exciting was occurring; this was something that the untrained man would believe. Gideon, however, knew better than the average man! He knew that the nefarious dark mages were up to something, they were always plotting to do something; why would they take a day off? It was too quite, it was too convenient! Why was he having such a quiet day? These things crossed his mind as he walked down the streets of the Neutral Land. Who needed magic? Gideon would defeat these thugs with his bare hands! Well, that is if they ever decided to show themselves against him! 

    "Well, I doubt they have the audacity to reveal themselves to me!" He chuckled, perhaps he was becoming a bit too cocky in his travels. What a strange thing. Confidence decided that it would reveal itself when he least needed it; why should he be confident over such a stupid thing? It was disgraceful. How could a person who stood for justice, for the law, be so cocky? It was something that led people down a dark path. They never recovered from this path! He would not stray! This was not something he would allow; who would follow the same path as those who have failed in the past? Certainly not he!

    It was with this that he would look about, perhaps he was a tad disoriented... It seems that he had taken a right when he had to take a left? Or was it the other way around? "Tch..." He sighed, looking around the area; there had to be some sort of landmark that would allow him to reorientate himself. Allow him to understand his current location; understand where he was! It was with this that a man would run past him, a purse in hand. "This bastard..." He yelled, chasing after the male; what was more suspicious than a man running around town with a women's handbag? Nothing!

    Perhaps it was the fact that he was able to feel the warm embrace of the sun, perhaps it was the fact that he knew he was doing good; hell, maybe it was the fact that he believed in what he was doing. Whatever it was, it seemed this was going to end well; he knew it would all end in his favor; it would end with the light triumphing over the dark; of this man being arrested! It was with these thoughts that he would begin to gain speed, quickly catching up to the male. 

    It was as he approached, no more than five feet away from the male, that he would tackle the man; the two of them would continue sliding forward, hitting their heads on the door of some warehouse. "OH! What is this, if not fate!?" He exclaimed, chuckling as he stood, thrusting the man up with him. "You are going to jail bud." He stated, pushing him into the warehouse. It was as he entered that he would simply toss him against the wall, binding him to some pipes. "Make sure you contact the knights; this bastard does no good on the streets!" He chuckled, accepting the item from the female. "Thank you again!" He simply waved as he left, feeling quite good for himself!


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