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    Amare [WIP]

    Noa Kuroki
    Noa Kuroki

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    Amare [WIP] Empty Amare [WIP]

    Post by Noa Kuroki on 29th September 2016, 6:17 pm

    Name: Amare the Shadows
    Rank: Weak
    Species: Hybrid, Exceed + Hydra
    Type: Combat Pet
    Description: On the left.
    Regarding Slayers and Elemental Mages

    Additional Pet Weaknesses

    Regarding Slayers inclined with Arcane Attributes:
    I would allow Zuhor consumption but Zuhor must be burped back out after 2 posts. Zuhor can only be consumed once per thread by the same player with this magic. (Note: Reason being I don't want anyone doing an insta-kill by eating my pet or to keep on eating him over and over to spam the power boosts.)

    Only slayers that are the same rank or higher than Zuhor' current rank can consume him. Any slayer with a rank lower than Zuhor' current rank won't be able to absorb him.

    Regarding Spells that can control Arcane:
    I would allow Zuhor to be controlled by other players with this kind of spells for up to 2 posts only but Zuhor can't use abilities and can only use his basic attack while controlled by another player. Zuhor can only be controlled once per thread by the same player. (Note: You can't order him to do anything that would lead to instantaneous death like jumping off a cliff or something of the likes that would kill him for sure.)

    Only Arcane Controlling spells that are the same rank or higher than Zuhor' current rank can control him. Any spell with a rank lower than Zuhor' current rank won't be able to control him him.

    @Made by Aldritch to save all pets from insta death


    * Zuhor can speak
    * Zuhor can hover while it looks like his paws turn into small arcane clouds (during night time only)
    * Zuhor is able to turn his whole body into pure arcane

    Name: Arcane Howl  
    Rank: D (Max B)
    Type: Offensive
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 2 posts
    Description: Zuhor would perform an powerful fear shattering howl, causing a shockwave that would damage and causes disorientation to anyone nearby that would get hit by it other than Ethair and his allies.
    - The range of the shockwave is based on Zuhor' current rank, starting at 10 meters in diameter with each rank adding 5 meters in diameter to it's range.

    -Anyone within 2 meters of Zuhor would get knocked back for up to 3 meters away.

    -Enemies hit by the shockwave would be disoriented and last for one post.
    - Allies caught by the shockwave would get 50% of the damage.

    - Walls and barriers of the like can block the shockwave from hitting someone completely.

    -By covering the ears, the damage dealt from the attack would be decreased by 15%

    -Mages that are two ranks higher can't get disoriented and knocked back by the attack.
    Name: Sparkling Moon Light
    Rank: D (Max A)
    Type: Support
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 2 posts
    Description: Zuhor stands still while his fur glows bright like the moon in the sky at night, causing him to glimes and sparkles with arcane magic participial. What looks like a shiny coat over Zuhor, is him using the moon light around himself to self heal.
    - The amount of healing is based on Zuhor' current rank, starting at 5% with each rank adding 5% more to it's healing.- Only able to heal himself.

    - With the moon light blocked out by clouds or during the day time using the sun light, it only heals for half of what it normally would.


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