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    Seal of Gleipnir


    Seal of Gleipnir Empty Seal of Gleipnir

    Post by Guest 29th September 2016, 3:45 pm


    Primary Magic: Seal of Gleipnir
    Secondary Magic: Iron Dragon Slayer
    Caster or Holder: Caster
    Description: Gleipnir is the chain that bound the wolf that went by the name of Fenrir. It was said that if the wolf was ever freed, it’d kill Odin, and eat the world. The chain was made by the dwarfs at the request of the gods, and using impossible things they did so. With that in mind, lets move on to where we are. There was a time when Lycathropes terrorized an area. Seven packs, seven alpha. They came together, and took over a large area, and controlled the populace. They could do nothing about it, as they knew not as to who they really were until one day a great man came to town. It was the day before the full moon, when they were at their strongest. He said nothing to the townsfolk before standing in the middle of the town when the moon rose. One by one, he defeated the lycan as they came about, and when the Alpha arrived, he did what he came to do. He sealed them. With them sealed, the former turned reverted back to humans.

    As all know, each seal in the world is different. Due to either the formula that was use in it’s formation, or the pattern that it was laid. In this case the seal was called the Gleipnir in honor of the seal that held the beast Fenrir from ending the world. Though he knew that a simple item would not be powerful enough to hold the strength of the beasts forever. Instead he would need a vessal that could grow, that could adapt to the strength of the beasts if the seal for whatever would weaken. So what else than a child’s body. A body that could grow with the power. Xeno, a young man abandoned just outside of town in the woods, already lost, was found and used to hold them.

    With this Magic Xeno focuses on the concept of Takeover generally by using the spirits of the lycan within to change his form. May they have different elements, or quirks, Xeno lives by the learn on the fly thing. As such, they natural speed and strength augment his already fast moving style of fighting. There is also the slight summon tactics. Some of the lycan’s aren’t really compatible with Xeno’s body, and there is nothing that his magic can do to change that. As such some are summon-able.

    • Allows him to enhance his own physical being with the power of the beasts that he becomes.
    • It’s rather versatile as there is no true elemental alignment of takeovers.
    • Slayers will find dealing with him in these states troublesome as there is nothing to really eat.


    • While using this magic he has to use caution so to not lose himself to the beasts he’s trying to control. If he slips, they’ll takeover.
    • With his larger forms he has to take care not to hurt his allies.
    • In forms that have an elemental alignment of some kind, a slayer can have an advantage against him.
    • Each form has their own weaknesses

    Lineage: Nature’s Blessing
    Unique Abilities:

    • Wolf’s senses: Even while not actually using one of the souls, he is able to use the sense that the the lycan’s would. That being said, his ears and nose are as sensitive as a wolves.
    • Savage: Savage is an interesting ability. The one that actually creates ‘stacks’ of savage on things. Savage stacks works on both NPC and PC characters. Firstly, they are applied when Xeno lands an attack on person, friend or foe. From there, a stack will be applied. PC on rank with him, and lower will begin feeling it hard to concentrate at first, and as the stacks carry it can get to the point that they act like beasts. [Beyond the first part they can do as they please about the effect.] On an NPC, they immediately lose the ability to focus on what they were doing, and begin attacking like savages. The stacks wear off after 4 posts after the last one was applied.
    • Garou Philology:: To Xeno the line between what he is has been blurred for him. In his mind at times he can’t tell if he is a man who becomes a wolf, or a wolf that becomes a man. Some things have stuck with him, and those are rather…odd things. His nails are sharp, acting like weapons in their own right. His canines are pronounce in his mouth as well. His body is naturally stronger and more nimble than a normal person, leaving him 20% faster and stronger.

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