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    just goofin'

    Norva Odenias
    Norva Odenias

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    just goofin' Empty just goofin'

    Post by Norva Odenias 25th September 2016, 9:16 pm

    Primary Magic: Restrict Magic
    Secondary Magic: N/A
    Caster or Holder: Caster
    Description: Restrict magic is a unique type of caster magic that is different than most caster magics. It isn't like having Ice make or some sort of ability to control something or manipulate something, instead it is directly inflicted onto an opponent and cannot be seen or touched. it's completely invisible, and can  increase or decrease magic ability, senses, or physical strength depending on what the user is trying to focus on. However because of this, the user has to rely heavily on their own physical capabilities to fight in hand to hand combat. Luckily the only thing Rei is truly passionate about is training herself to become physically stronger and more agile, so this issue isn't exactly a problem for her. Restrict magic is much less common than most magics, it's also hard to tell when one has this magic type, considering that its abilities are invisible, and might not even be recognized until someone else were to point it out. because of this magic's appearance and the way Rei looks, she is also often underestimated because of it.

    Rei can use her restrict magic in many different ways, the most obvious one is how she can restrict aspects of her enemy's, like their sight, hearing, their ability to use their magic, etc. Not only does her restrict magic inflict on physical capabilities, on top of that it also does some spell damage with the negative effect to try and give herself the upper hand and in most cases force her opponent to fight her hand to hand. she can also increase her own senses or speed depending on how much magic she has left. the downside to this magic is before she can inflict a spell onto someone, she must touch them first. if she cannot get a finger on them, the spell won't work. and fighting higher rank enemy's is very difficult because the effects of her spells decreases, that is if she can even get a hit on them in the first place. but the opposite is also true with restrict magic, she can also give her allies speed boosts or increased sight or a boost of magic energy, etc with the sacrifice of her own magic energy she has left.

    • Weakens opponents using debuffs
    • Can enhance the abilities of the user and allies


    • Less effective against higher ranked mages
    • Because of the nature of this magic, the user is forced to rely heavily on hand to hand combat
    • Close to none long range capabilities

    Unique Abilities:
    D Rank Spells:
    C Rank Spells:


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