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    ~ I Wonder ~


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    ~ I Wonder ~ Empty ~ I Wonder ~

    Post by Sora on 18th September 2016, 8:36 pm

    339 words
    @ Daiki
    in you and i, there's a new land

    It was peaceful within the walls of the Oak Inn, or so it seemed to be.

    Most came here to find a place to stay for one reason or another, most of the time it being temporary. It was a place of shelter and stability, of safety and momentary escape from the world outside, and to hide ones secrets from the peering eyes of the curious individuals that dare lingered close enough to you within the depths of the world's surface. It was an Inn where one could feel comfortable in knowing that they could stay for as long as they could if they truly and desperately needed the help.

    And Euphemia approached the owner only hours before in hopes she could spread that feeling - that hope that everything would be okay not just here, but wherever you were in all eventuality.

    As the mage performed in the Inn's cafeteria, standing on the small elevated platform, her eyes were closed as she kept focused on the notes pouring out of the violin. The violin was cushioned as securely as possible atop her shoulder while the bow ever-so-gently brushed against the strings. She wanted to sing through this instrument as the folks listened to the song while they conversed amongst themselves, doing her absolute best to fall in line with the melody. The individual playing the piano behind her who was but a complete stranger and yet they were partners in this tune, both holding the utmost important of jobs in the waltz that was the song echoing through the Inn's very walls.

    The dress the violinist bore was purely white, a small cerulean bow decorating the back of her head in her hair, while she moved as subtly as possible.

    Euphemia hoped that the people in the very least felt comfortable listening to the song even among their conversation. She hoped that it would reach them even if they never needed the sentiment in the first place.

    It was one of the hopes she carried as a performer.


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