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    Incubus Form


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    Incubus Form

    Post by Vlad on 18th September 2016, 1:32 pm

    Vladimir Chao
    Grim Heresy, B-Rank
    Male Straight 21 10/15
    Incubus Form

    ✣ ✣ Strengths ✣ ✣

    • Spells deal 100% more damage.
    • HP regen is increased by 4% a post.
    • Damage resistance is increased by 25%.
    • Speed is increased by 25%.

    ✣ ✣ Weakness's ✣ ✣

    • May only be used once in a thread.
    • Cool down of 2 topics.
    • Vladimir is much more aware of females. This can distract him a bit...
    • Entering Incubus form does not heal the user.
    • This removes any buffs that are not passive from Vlad.
    • Holy Damage deals 25% more damage than usual.
    • The body is much more sensitive, meaning that although damage may be reduced, the pain felt will be more than what is dealt.
    • It is a very noticeable transformation, it is not hidden easily.
    • These boosts are only when he enters the incubus form, not at all times.
    • No increased MP regeneration or HP regeneration due to this form.
    • Slight changes in personality may occur.
    • The more souls devoured, the more personalities in him; can lead to a multiple personality disorder like syndrome.   

    ✣ ✣ History ✣ ✣

    This is something that is not merely a form for Vladimir; he has lost his soul and is no longer a human being. Having lost his human soul he obtained a new, more demonic one; the soul of an incubus grants those who have it immortality, though it may not be as glamorous as on thinks. Immortality is both a gift, and a curse; watching those you know die, all whilst you live on. This was an immortals curse.

    Vlad was not given the option between staying human or turning into an incubus, rather Marceline had simply decided for him. Skipping the exact details of what occurred, she had bitten him and turned him into an incubus; while this sounds oddly like the tale of a vampire, this bite is merely how incubi and succubi are able to harvest souls; these souls help to promote their health, and power. The more souls they obtain the more powerful they become; it was rather straight forward. 

    ✣ ✣ Abilities/Powers ✣ ✣

    Soul 1

    ✣ ✣ Grim Item ✣ ✣

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    Re: Incubus Form

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime on 16th December 2017, 6:01 pm


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