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    It goes like this;; Jiyu's exam B to A.

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    It goes like this;; Jiyu's exam B to A. Empty It goes like this;; Jiyu's exam B to A.

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime 17th September 2016, 6:57 pm

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    google doc link for colored speech;; https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Xex-_Dw2Vp8EJFQh6f3ysPqnHwnwQGX130bigcOAbzs/edit?usp=sharing

    Everything had gotten away from her quicker than she could really realize what had happened. Jiyu had always intended to become a wizard worth noticing, one of the best users of magic ever, in the top league, she strove to become a wizard saint. At least? That was what she told herself, but the development and wish to accomplish that had been resultant of one small promise she made rashly to her mother, shortly before she awakened her half demon blood. Even simply her path from a measly little D rank wizard who had needed saving from kidnapping into the powerful C rank wizard who would become an Ace of the guild, that journey had been quick, maybe stressful to a degree. Kazehime had expected a long required wait before she was ready to rank up again, after-all her world was spinning out of her control, and it was not easy to hide that fact. Yet, she was laying on her bed with an open letter in hand, one that suggested she could be closer to venturing into the A-Rank then she had believed herself to be. Was this something that disappointed her? Well it brought her closer to her dream, but it also felt, foreign, as if something was missing from her life now, something she had possessed during that rapid ascent to Ace Of Hearts, something vital. Her body wearily turned over, her mostly bared flesh feeling the unbelievably fuzzy fibers of her soft blanket, the one she’d nearly died to obtain, the one where her side got cut out during the mission. Thinking once more, it was not the only mission where she had damaged that part of her body, the section left barren by her skimpy outfit, on numerous occasions this outfit had backfired! Movement was essential to her, but as it stood, she was sacrificing too much to obtain it! Jiyu knew her body was extremely fragile, the barely existence muscle amplifying the feel of her bones if she was touched, that proved it, her own finger tracing the outline of one of her ribs. Everything was overwhelming when she was forced to think about it like this, the letter was placed on her nightstand as the wind user stood up, snapping her fingers to draw her kitsune’s attention.

    Normally if the female wanted her daughter, pet, companion creature to accompany her somewhere, she could pick up the foot tall kitsune in her arms and just take her along. However recently something had changed about that, lots of things had changed and her twin tails new habit was the least worrisome of those changes! Over the last month or so, parts of the tiny fox had been vanishing at random intervals, prompting Jiyu to at first believe something was wrong with the tiny creature, like she had lost a leg or one of her tails. As time passed by slowly, it was quickly revealed that was not the case, nothing was wrong with maka. Instead of some sickness or dismembered body part? The tiny kit was practicing one of her powers, invisibility, something she did not quite have full control over yet, but at least she was practicing hard. Yet, Jiyu couldn’t be pleased when it came to moment’s like this, times she wanted or needed the fox pup, and due to invisibility she just could not locate the creature. “Maka, I have to leave all day, if you don’t want to be alone you have to come with me.” neither of them trusted other people very much, it was natural considering everything, but still it ended up making things hard sometimes. Tiny paws landed on her shoulder, Jiyu could not see them, nor could she see Koto, but the wind user would hear the kitsune, feel her weight. It was enough. Even if she could not see her charge? Kazehime knew the infant fox was right there, perched on her shoulder, eager to go with her, ready to get out of the silver moon. “Where we go?” it was weird to talk to someone you could not see, almost enough to make someone think they were insane. Could she talk to maka in public without worrying about being seen that way? “I need a few items from town, and I’m going training for a bit.” the last part was the reason for bringing Maka with, if she was going training the female would likely be gone for a few weeks, one at least. “Fun!” the fox chimed it out, unseen as she perched on Jiyu’s shoulder, watching the mage pick up her own backpack.

    A child could never understand, Maka could not comprehend why the wind mage seemed to be so heavily armed every single time she left. Despite the conditions they had met under? The fox could not see why her adoptive mother needed a knife, summoning fan, bow and arrow, alongside magic and the compassion she held. “Why train?” Jiyu glanced at the innocent fox, well the kitsunes voice actually, eyes softening from the guarded expression they’d held for most of the month. “I need to get stronger.” her hand reached, somehow knowing where the animals chin was, scratching under it and causing her to rumble happily, collapsing on the mage’s shoulder. With a fond smile, the wind user walked down the stairs from the Inn part of the Silver Moon, carrying a backpack that was empty. This time? She was buying everything on the way to her task, she could afford to do so this time! Back when she had run off to practice her secondary take over magic, the girl had taken food from the guild so to speak, this time she had no reason to use resources like that, she could afford to feed herself. Honestly it was relieving to finally be pulling her own weight around the place, even if it was only slightly. “I don’t suppose lots of meat will hold for the time I need it to.” she so adored the taste of nearly raw  meat, so close the blood was almost there, yet she had to be rational about this! Some degree of hunting, would be required if she stayed out for an extended time, she was not looking forward to that! If she hunted? She’d swallow blood for sure, and then it was downhill from there, an entire plummet into the depths of blood lust. Of course it would be for survival, so maybe it was alright.

    Jiyu was standing at the shop of a fruit vendor when Maka finally came out of invisibility, and the action startled many people. Considering that kitsunes were mythical tricksters? Most people had likely never seen one this close before, but they were in for a let down, Maka was so small and young, nothing impressive. While she was precious to Jiyu? In terms of monetary value, Maka was low, due to her size and only having two tails, kazehime had heard tale of kitsunes that grew tall as trees with nine lashing tails. Of course it didn’t matter! Koto would never be for sale anyways, but it was something to note, how short a stick someone would get if they ever took the kit from it’s adoptive mother; Even if you could escape the wrath of a wizard ace, no gain would be gotten from the child. Also it was unlikely you could hide from Jiyu for long, she had her ways of doing whatever she needed, especially these days, so self sufficient, because she had learned she could not rely on anyone else! Kazehime had learned that lesson very well, it was one learning experience she wished to never revisit, but it had been necessary to learn just how cruel other people could be. Actually? She was relearning it, people, demon slayer’s, had already taken her mother for stupid hate, her true mistake had been believing that someone could truly overcome that fear without something compelling them to do so! The only reason she could trust her guild-mates was Iza’s promise they were her family, Marschal saving her life and the fact if they hurt her they would be shamed immensely. Causing more pain to the wounded sorceress was not in the interest of her guild, no matter how entertaining it could be to see a different side to someone. Right now, she simply had to focus on her upcoming training session, she had to get over this hurdle, overcome the pain welled up inside her heart! She couldn’t have someone else aiding her, it was bad enough a dark mage had been required to bring her emotions back in the first place, needing aid in getting them back under control, her pride could not take that hit. Yet the girl’s pride had already been torn to shreds by her aching soul.

    A black dot bobbed in her vision, eyes narrowing as she peered down from the tree on the outskirts of the village where a small guild had been slaughtered. Was that the mage actually sent by the council? Well it was worth investigating the girl with flowing white locks and navy blue clothing with lace trim, so her foot slid forward, so she could get off her perch and make her way over to the other mage. That was one of the biggest mistakes she had made in her life so far! The mage she had spotted was Leila of Golden Pheonix, someone she would regret meeting. The aura surrounding this village was wrecking havoc on her senses, the electrical paranormal activity, her small amount of logic remaining screamed to get away from it! However she saw something shaped like a hand before her, outstretched, offered to her, she could see her own hand taking it, feminine fingers lacing together, the sight of Marschals jacket on her own arm giving more comfort, an aid she didn’t need for sure! Only, she was accepting holding this strange mage’s hand, without a word of protest, her body wouldn’t respond the right way.  It was all one huge mistake, something that never should have happened, and even that had been unlucky. Yet for some reason? It had happened, and because she could not stop it’s progression, she was later made to suffer! After that first day, they ran into each other time and time again. At first, Jiyu had thought it was the best thing ever, been friendly with the Eden Mage because there was no reason not to be. Now, she was the cause of their falling out, the reason she fell out with a friend was herself! Leila had seen her demon and the other girl did not approve, it tore the mage’s heart to shreds, but she couldn’t force someone to accept something they hated. Kazehime couldn’t make Leila accept her and the other girl could not make the half demoness change her ways, the new persona traits that came with her demon blood were not going away. Yet? Jiyu found herself wishing they would! Even thought Leila had hurt her so badly, the wind witch wanted so desperately to believe her ex-friend had not meant it that way, that she had misunderstood something! Yet, the white haired girl was not going to show up with a bag of cookies twice in a row, she had yet to hear a word and Jiyu doubted she ever would hear communication again from the girl.

    Ever since that day, the fateful date where she heard the admission her best friend hated what she had become? Jiyu had felt vulnerable, the nightmares she had chased away after being kidnapped, they came back full force, her insecurities and temper, everything, and she didn’t know what to do! At first she had just shut down completely, going through life as if she was a zombie, nothing else left to do. Eventually, once that state was forcefully removed by Vlad a dark mage, laying his hands on her, she remembered more. It turned out? Most of her long captivity was blurred, shrouded in a mist that kept her safe from it, but images had leaked out when her emotions rushed back, she could remember now, what they had done to her! It was fuzzy, and she didn’t want it to be clear, but she knew how they’d violated her, taken anything they wanted from her. Jiyu had not gotten out of bed the day after one of those memories came back, she felt disgusting, so used and worthless. All she’d been able to do that day? Was lay there and try to shove the images back into the pandora’s box of her brain, the place they had leaked from, put the lock back on the place she hid everything she did not want to face! After years of running away, Jiyu had plenty of things to keep running from, things she did not want to face or even think of.  Yet it was all coming back to her now, haunting her, preventing movement forward. Until she dealt with this? There was no way she could become a better mage. Sadly, the only way to conquer hard emotions for her, it was to train until they vanished back into the darkness of her brain once more, deal with them indirectly. Nothing good ever came of confronting her problems, that was why she had to start running in the first place, because she could not be good and keep her issues hidden, deny them. She couldn’t tell him she wasn’t practicing magic.

    Two gazes watched her, observing as she struggled for words. Once more? She was leaving her friends early today. Luscious and Astrid, Mint and Asty. Growing up in Peace Village? The two had been the closest thing she had to best friends after her mother’s demise, granted Mint had not wanted her around at first. Eventually Lu-Lu had taught her how to shoot a bow and arrow, her eyes falling to the the one marschal had given her, a faint smile coming to her face. “I have to go, I need to practice or I’ll never become a good mage.” she turned around, light blue dress to her ankles, tights secured underneath to be safe. She still owned the outfit from that day, it had been just like any other! She left from archery class or whatever early, left where her father thought she was, to go somewhere he never wanted her to be, the area surrounding the village, at a time it was surrounded in mist, to do something he wanted even less. Practice magic. “Jiyu?” she turned around quickly, eyes wide when she saw the shape of her father through the fog. Had he seen her casting that last spell?! The towering man had not actually seen her performing magic, if she had wanted to, maybe been smarter she could have played the whole thing off as having got lost while playing, she carried her mother’s book everywhere anyways! Yet, for some reason she had confessed it all to him right then and there, turning herself in to the fates, letting him know she had been going against his wishes. Jiyu knew it was a mistake, yet she had committed the act, caused the fight that triggered her running away, almost as if she had wanted to leave. “But I didn’t want to leave like that.” it was beyond true she had eventually planned on leaving the village to pursue the career of a mage, but running away at that young age? She had not planned that, yet it always felt like she had done so, as if it was all her own sick and twisted play! She hadn’t wanted it to go down like that, to be brutally honest, she missed them all, her hometown, everyone and everything in it.

    More than anything the girl was just missing connection, somehow having gotten all the way out into the forest without realizing she had done anything. “Now I’m think walking.” everyone walked while thinking most of the time, but it was mostly a play on sleep walking, since she actually did do something similar, sleep stripping. Alright so nothing alike, but it was the idea of doing something with being aware of it, the toll that could take on someone’s mind. The wind blew lightly and she reveled in its soft brushing of her neck,  the way it played with her hair, but not the way it pushed Maka off her shoulder. “Gotcha!” it was weird for the wind to evict someone off her person, but the somewhat depressed wind user made no second thoughts on it. “Thanks” maka likely just slipped, child did so, even after riding in  the same place for months. Right? The wind whispered in her ears again, her eyes closing to it as it lulled her and tried to pull her deeper into it, taking her breath again. “I need to go get my armor.” it was as if she was explaining herself to the wind, stupid, it wasn’t her mother, the woman who birthed her was dead! She had no one to report to besides Iza. Was she alright with that by the way, being submissive to a tanuki? Well for now, she certainly wasn’t heavy in the desire to take over or anything. Right now she was just kind of scrambled, jumbled around. “I’ll be fine, I promise.” she was going nuts, she was so alone even surrounded by her guild! Jiyu knew she had to let things break, had to give in and forge connection with someone, or she’d just talk to the wind for the rest of her life, and she didn’t want that! Even if she found great comfort in her element? She didn’t want that to be all there was to her, she wanted to mean something to someone. Jiyu already knew what she meant to the wind, how dearly it held her, it was the rest of the world she worried about.

    “Armor Bought Already?”  Her little kitsune was growing a decent vocabulary, learning new words every day and using them swiftly, her tongue stable. Jiyu was slightly sorrowed to find thought, that it seemed Maka was restricted to three word sentences, somehow unable to add in a forth word even occasionally. It was troubling, but since some animals could not even speak, the calico woman never pressured her friend on it, oh wait she did have a friend, maka was her friend! Right? “Yes, well I mean I payed for whenever something I like comes in.” it was hard to find armor for her, most of it was full body, which she needed, but also could not have. If she wore full body? Her speed would be impacted, since she’d never been in armor before. Thus she had to wait for a special armor, something that could act like full body, but was still close to her original outfit. A bell rang as she walked into the small shop, the owner nodding at her curtly, eyes starting to wander around. Today was the day! Kazehime had spent a good half hour in the shop, nearly ready to give up and say there was nothing to find here today, when she glanced to the side and saw a set of four pieces, a skirt, a frontal plate and two bracer like items. Considering her luck so far had been rotten with armor “I’ll take these.” of course it had cost her an arm and leg in the end, after making sure it was all straight. Yet? It would be worth it, she would not be as susceptible to damage, especially since this model was suppose to have a magic imbedded within that made it act like full body, despite only covering minimal space. “Hopefully it’s as advertised.” because she had to get other abilities added to it before use, and it would suck if she put the money in only to find out that film of protection thing was fake! Trust Jiyu to buy without researching.

    “Shiny, Pretty, Shiny!” Maka’s antics were always adorable, the female watching her kitsune dance around the arm piece she was swaying back and forth, jumping mockingly at the shiny object. Apparently? Kitsunes shared some traits with dragons, hehehe, maybe her pet had some jewels stashed somewhere. Yeah right. Kazehime laughed at her own silly antic, ceasing the behavior that allowed the thought to creep into her head, sighing out loud. “Come on, I need another outfit to wear beneath this, I doubt daisy dukes and bikini tops will look right.” and she needed something with more potential than that, something that would permit her to move as if she was dressed that skimpy, but still cover her flesh better. After remembering more of what had happened over the years before marschal rescued her like a knight in shining armor? She was uncomfortable with someone being to see her chest so visibly, and also see the shape of her upper thighs, well actually the gap between them, uncomfy with people seeing bad touch zones so to speak. Even walking around today was strenuous for her, alarm bringing in the way people stared, how she had to chose between hatred for her life state or ogling at her body, neither was alright with the mage anymore. Even if she could play it sometimes, act as if nothing was wrong? The mental trauma had never left and was now amplified by her loss. “No pets allowed inside miss, the, ick, fox must wait outside, they are unsanitary.” How dare someone call Maka a filthy creature not worth being allowed in their shop! The ace of hearts looked pissed instantly, storming over, ready to give the shop owner a piece of her mind! “No Outside.” no one got to put Maka outside, even she did not do that and she was responsible for the kitsune! “No Fox!” wait? Jiyu turned around, when she heard Maka deny her own existence, kitsunes were obviously foxes! Yet when she turned around, something resembling a human child stood there, it resembled maka, expect the body was a human toddler! “Do not shift inside the store, enjoy your shopping” Jiyu could not even hear the shopkeeper, over the screaming voice in her head! Maka had just shape shifted, she had been unaware the kitsune could do so, sure she knew eventually it would happen, but she did not know Maka could already do it. “Good Job?” Jiyu nodded numbly, stunned at what had happened.

    Maka had wanted to stay by her side so badly, she changed her very body to do so.

    “Very good job Maka” perhaps better than Jiyu had ever expected of her, tiny fingers laced into her own grown hands, a slow meaningful connection. The bond between them was that strong, powerful enough the twin tail morphed her body. .The idea haunted Jiyu’s mind, the mage cursing how it took only such a small thing to make her remotely hopefuly. “You should go pick out something too~” it was the smallest reward the kitsune could get for what she had done! Jiyu was not ready to believe in, oh shit, the thoughts of everything being a mistake came back, this was bad. Kazehime spent her time shopping, chasing thoughts away, barely aware of what she was buying, chewing on her own lip as her own mind closed in on her again. “Jiyu, alright?” nope she was not alright, but she smiled at Koto, assuring the fox she was alright as they walked out of the store, newly purchased outfits in hand. “I’m just fine Maka.” only she was actually anything but fine, it was sad the way she now could hear her heart speaking once more, urging her to think harder. Jiyu did not want to think, there was no way running away could be taken back and there was no way what had happened with leila was a mistake! Everything in the past was lost, a learning lesson only, she had to move on somehow, not think on it more.

    “Why can’t I make myself believe it.” why couldn’t she come to fully convince herself the world was evil and she was the only one right in all this? It was the easiest explanation, the only one that made going on alright, brushing this all of possible, yet she couldn’t do it! Jiyu bit her bottom lip, sitting maka in her lap as she stopped in the forest outside of town. “Believe what?” indeed, what was there to believe, or not believe?! She had committed actions and they had their price, loneliness seemed to be one of the price tags. Jiyu touched her finger to Maka’s nose, the final flashback of the day starting to take her brain by storm. “That I’m So Lucky.” the words were not her own. In fact? The words were older than she was, at least she thought so. If they said it to her? Her parents had to speak the words to each other first, before she had even been an idea between them. If you were going to speak such words to your child, if both adults said it, Jiyu couldn’t see any other explanation besides for the fact she was being let into an inside joke between her mother and father.

    A small girl sat on the bank of a river, body displaying her hyper nature as she clutched a fishing rod between her tiny hands. Honestly? Pole fishing was for the idiots of the world, it too so much energy in one direction, when her energy just wanted to go all over the place! Yet if she failed her father would be disappointed in her and that was the last thing the little girl wanted. A single green eye glanced over at the man who had taken her to this shady little nearly noise free oasis. He was staring at her. When she went to look at her father? He was staring right at her, his green eyes gently holding her figure within them, making her curious as to why he was looking. Did she have something in her hair, was her blue eye uncovered? The little girl raised her hand to check her hair, ensuring it did have nothing tainting it, all was in its right place. “What’s wrong daddy?” her voice was small, pale pink lips set into a thin line as she dropped her pole, a fish tugging at the line, her tiny claws scraping the ground as she crawled over to him, ruining yet another white dress. “Oh nothing.” his words confused her, and the expression on the child’s face said so, quizzical expression growing thicker when he lifted her onto his lap, smoothing out her hair before moving her ebony hair away from her blue eye. “I just can’t believe, I’m so lucky.” his hard lips touched her forehead, chafing it and yet she giggled, smiling happily at him, chiming that of course he was lucky, everyone was lucky.

    She had not been able to see it back then! Jiyu had never understood that they had been referring to her in a way, when they spoke about luck. How important connection with someone could be.

    The soft scent of her mother surrounded her, the little girl yawning softly as she laid down on her mother’s chest. Right now? Her father was working late, and his side of the bed was cold, one of their hands each resting there, as if a single hand could make up for the warmth of a person. “Daddy will be home soon right?” The collie smiled softly at her daughter, rubbing her fingers across her daughter’s cheek, the tired girls tiny hand reaching up but not quite making it as she yawned once more and curled in. That night had been special, back then she had thought she was hallucinating, but now she knew the truth fully and well. “Good evening Akane.” her mother sushed the man who walked into the room and tossed his shirt away, moving towards the bed. Everything bounced in her sleepy little half lidded eyes world as her father shifted into the bed, his arm reaching over her, both of his hands on her mother’s cheeks. “No Ambrose!” her mother barked, clearly barked and her father gave a human's best attempt at puppy eyes. “Jiyu’s asleep baby.” his hands skated down, and before she could stop him, the male had grabbed something beneath the sheets and her night gown. Yet, it was not the object one would expect, it was not between her legs nor on her chest, instead he went for a furry patch at the base of her spine. Akane yelped, lulling her head back a whine escaping her throat as his arm moved. “See, asleep, or she’d have heard you dear, now let me see your ears, or I’ll just keep playing with your tail.” he snickered as he spoke to the woman, clearly knowing he had her in the palm of his hand, swirling his finger through the fur lightly before he went to move her hair behind her ears once more, this time she didn’t stop him. “I can’t believe I’m this lucky.” one of her hands covered his and they fell asleep that way. One of the few memories she had that proved her father had known all along that her mother was a demon, and somehow loved her anyways.

    “I’ll try to solve things, someday, when I can, I’ll give someone the chance.” she didn’t state what she’d give them the chance at. If love found her? She would let it into her heart somehow. If Leila showed up on her doorstep with some miracle explanation for what happened, she’d take it at face value this time. Astrid or Lulu, if either found her, she’d not run from them, she wouldn’t rush over to them, but she would give them the chance to catch her. While she could never stop running, never truly believe too deeply? She could give someone the chance to catch her, and she could catch someone else, eventually. “One day.” she wouldn’t have to run anymore. However that day was not today, right now it was simply time to lay in her bed. “Let tomorrow bring something.” being lazy, waiting for something to come to her was maybe the biggest move of faith this girl could make. Jiyu? Barely sat down herself, the fact she would lay there waiting for someone else to make their move, screamed louder than her own words could.


    It goes like this;; Jiyu's exam B to A. Miku_chibi_by_kenneos-d4l2s2w

    It goes like this;; Jiyu's exam B to A. H6NcPbM It goes like this;; Jiyu's exam B to A. H6NcPbM It goes like this;; Jiyu's exam B to A. H6NcPbM It goes like this;; Jiyu's exam B to A. H6NcPbM

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