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    Be A Model • Private, Job

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    Job: Be A Model!
    Rank: Rank D
    Player Requirements: Up to 2 members only, D-Rank or higher, min 150 word per post, min of 5 posts per player
    Requirements: Only female wizards can take this quest.
    Location: East Forest, Magnolia.
    Description: Sorcerer Weekly is looking for female mages who can model for them in a photo shoot, with beautiful face and body structure of course. The theme is about being eco-friendly. The model will be wearing creations of Chanelle, the famous designer in Fiore. And one more thing, the photo shoot will be held in the East Forest of Magnolia.
    Prize: 750 jewels each.


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    And while you are sitting indoors
    waiting for the storm to pass
    I will be outside dancing in the rain

    “Erm… This is it?” A single silver eyebrow twitched, mouth curved in a nervous smile as Astrid’s crimson gaze scanned the various clothing items spread out on the iron rack before her.
    What exactly had she agreed to do? From her understanding the job was to model for the next issue of Wizard Weekly featuring a brand new line of nature themed clothing. But what laid out in front of her could only be described as… Something other than clothing. The entire reason of clothes was that they were supposed to cover up your body, but none of these items seemed like they would actually work. A small bikini made entirely out of leaves, skirts shorter than her own attention span. Just the thought of wearing something so scantily clad, it caused the musician's face to burn bright red.

    “Of course, dear! This is the entire line~” The director of the shoot chuckled, her white dyed hair bobbing with her movements as she waved a hand over the rack of ‘clothes’ being hung delicately by wooden hangers. Despite being called the most famous designer in Fiore Astrid could not help but wonder why such a thing even came to be. Was this what was popular nowadays? Going out in as little clothing as possible? Wasn’t that a bit cold? The concept of such a thing couldn’t even process with the girl, being brought up in small town Peace Village women were normally condemned if they even thought about going out in something like this… What would her grandfather say if he saw in such things? She didn’t want to know, especially her parent’s reaction. Or Lucius. None of them actually read Sorcerer Weekly, but on the off chance that they just so happened to do so, the slayer was a bit hesitant.
    “Hm? What’s wrong?” The director hummed, noticing the discomfort upon the mage’s face. Red eyes flicked up to the taller woman worringfully.
    She didn’t know if she should tell her she didn’t want to do this job anymore. She never, ever wanted to back down from a client, no matter how tough the job may be. But in this case, it was eating away at her. It was funny, how such a simple job was making her question her morals. But when it held her pride of the line, it was only natural.

    “Um…” The slayer hummed, looking down to the dirt ground below her worryingly, fiddling with the ends of her dress between her fingers. She didn’t know how to tell her, or if she even should. To let a client down for her own sake, or to risk her family out she was modeling such things… It was not an easy decision, or a decision she wanted to make in the first place.Crimson eyes shone sadly. But apparently the older woman saw this quite easily, bending down to the girl’s smaller height to look her in the eyes.

    “You know, i’ve dealt with my fair share of models over the years, the beautiful, the ugly… The in between. But never the innocent.”
    Astrid moved her gaze to look into her’s, confused by her words. She wasn’t sure exactly what she was trying to say. Her? Innocent? Was she really a ‘type’? And at that, the innocent? Her words were strange.
    “Tell you what…” The director began sorting through the clothes , pulling them out slightly to look over them carefully.
    “You don’t have to dress in anything you don’t want to. The point of being a model is to have fun and enjoy what you wear. If you are, then the buyer will enjoy the clothing too. No one wants to buy clothes the model doesn’t like.”
    The mage’s gaze focused on the woman, watching her pick out clothes and settle them to the side. Her words… it reminded them of Elyx’s. If the musician enjoyed the music they produced, the listeners were sure to do the same. So modeling and music was almost like the same thing… Both needed the people making it to enjoy what they were doing in order for everyone else to enjoy what they did… Wide optics turned soft, a small smile spreading across her lips. She nodded, helping the director pick out which clothes she would be the most comfortable posing in before she began.

    A few hours passed before she was done modeling, taking home both the jewel reward and this new found knowledge. It was actually fairly good, the clothes the woman picked out for her was just her style, and not too relieving at all. Maybe she would do this again… as long as the director chose more appropriate clothes...
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