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    The World's Fluffiest Catch||Solo


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    The World's Fluffiest Catch||Solo Empty The World's Fluffiest Catch||Solo

    Post by kittykool75 13th September 2016, 12:17 pm

    Job Description:
    Job Title:
    The World’s Fluffiest Catch

    C rank

    Player Requirements:
    200 words, 20 posts. This job requires 5 rolls. You need to kill a ram/the boss.

    Job Requirements:
    At least one C rank mage.

    Job Location:
    Spooky Forest

    Job Description:
    In your quest for a new blanket you have come across a shop that sells particularly soft ones. However, they are out of stock of their most fluffy and soft blankets. They are in short supply because the breed of sheep it comes from cannot be easily domesticated and is quite dangerous.

    The job is to kill a Ram and bring it back to the store owner, where they can make a proper blanket for you and pay you for the rest of the fluffy beast.


    Rapid Chickens:
    These only take 1 C ranked damage to take down, but they're very fast and even a tiny peck can poison you with rabies, resulting in all those fun rabies effects until you're either healed or die from the 1/4 C ranked damage it inflicts on you every turn. Five chickens show up at once.

    These take 4 C ranked damage to take down and can deal out C ranked damage. Three piggies show up at once.

    These are pretty big sheep, but nothing compared to the ram. Their wool is nice, but not nearly as nice as his. But that’s against the point. It takes 8 C ranked shots to take them down and they can deal out C ranked damage. They typically come in groups of about three or four.

    Big bad sheep:
    A killer ram with the fluffiest most velvety coat you ever saw. Its has razor sharp teeth and hooves sharp enough to cut. It takes 15 C ranked blows to take this ba-haha-ad sheep down. It can cause B ranked damage in attacking you, so be careful!

    7k in jewels and a really fluffy blanket.


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