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    Saveste Empty Saveste

    Post by Guest on 8th September 2016, 9:26 am

    Name: Saveste
    Rank: Noncombat
    Species: Panther
    Type: Anthropomorphic, Hellfire, Unholy, Shapeshifter
    Description: Saveste is a slender and lanky Vah Shir: an anthropomorphic feline species hailing from the planet known as Luclin. The Vah Shir are most well-known for their height, with females standing as easily as 5'7" and males around 6'7". Being of the female sex of her species, Saveste naturally stands at an astounding height of 5'8", one inch above the average height. She is considered to the be prettiest in her tribe, unmarked by any sort of scar or birthmark across her body. Her form is also in the shape of the desired hourglass figure; the typical shape of a human woman's body, only on a feline creature instead. A graceful tail trails out behind her at a length of nearly half her own height, potentially even a tad bit longer. As a Vah Shir, she has silken, black, and short fur coating her entire body, which feels almost like skin when touching it.

    With a slender, almost fox-like face, Saveste has alluring features, of which are accentuated by various designs across her face. Her almond shaped eyes dip inward toward her nose at a delicate slant and have a bright, golden Eye of Ra surrounding the left one. The golden color of her makeup easily fades into the brilliant yellowish-gold of her eyes to make them pop more. Above her eyes are drawn-on, golden eyebrows, each having a slight arch as if they were true eyebrows upon her face. One each side of her head are immensely sized ears, which can easily hear even the soft of sounds a mouse would make. Inside of these ears are mounds of golden makeup in the shape of petals from the very tip to the very bottom, and at the very bottom of these ears are two hoop piercings. A tiny, button-like nose rests at the end of her muzzle, dipped in a golden or even painted over with it to brighten it more.

    Vah Shir are very tribal creatures and keeping to her tribe's traditions, Saveste wears very tribalesque clothing. Despite the tribalesque clothing that she wears, her status as a slave permits her to wear very little clothing to begin with. In her name, Saveste only wears a beaded collar that covers the entirety of her collarbone to her shoulders and nothing more. Below, she is gowned in a flowing, silken skirt, which has a beaded waist of various orange, blue, and red colors. She is not one to wear shoes, having lived all of her life without them, and was never permitted to wear a shirt. Adorned on her head is a crown-like headdress that is thin and shapely, forming up into that of a King Cobra. It's a wonder whether she gets cold in the colder regions or if she would ever think to wear more than she does.

    Feral Form:

    Saveste Cropped-xuen_the_white_tiger_by_seiunz-d734ysy

    When Saveste is in her feral form, she takes on the appearance of a rather large and muscular Hellfire tiger. In this form, her body stands at 32ft at the shoulder naturally and around 64ft from head to body as a decent estimation. Her tail extends from half of her normal body length to that of 24ft, just a few feet shorter than what her current body length is. Compared to her companion, Thalar's form, hers is a more sleek and slim being, meant to run at faster speeds and fit through smaller spaces. However, this form is still rather rough and muscular looking, able to defend itself if the time comes for it to. Likewise, this form also allows her to jump longer distances and carry her long distances before she has to rest. While she isn't one to fight during battle, more likely to run, this form can be a considerable foe when going up against.

    Saveste's face in this form is more burly and square than when she is in her parent form, a rather intimidating appearance. The jaw of her feral form can unhinge at an equal length of her partner's, much like a snake's is able to unhinge. This allows for her to grab onto attackers with canines that are nearly three inches in length and tear into their flesh. Her eyes have shrunken down in this form, though retain their almond shape, and have shifted to a piercing blue color. Pupils cannot be seen within this form, instead it is the completely blue irises of her eyes that can only be seen. Round-tipped, slightly smaller ears are settled on the top of her ear, very nearly buried by a mane-like clump of fur around her jaw and neck. Despite being the fleeing type, her facial features were meant for battle, ready to attack an opponent when necessary.

    The fur of her feral form is thickly coated, as if it was meant for her to be able to survive longer in the colder regions. It's long and its white, meaning she would easily be able to hide within the mounds of snow located in the mountaintops. However, her body is coated in stripes similar to a tiger, and these stripes have a distinct blue glow to them. Likewise, her claws glow in a similar blue to her stripes and the fur on her tail shifts from a brilliant white to a faded dark blue. While it may be harder for her to be seen in the snows of the colder regions, she pops out against the warmer regions' terrain. Her feral form was more meant for pizzazz than anything else, something that was meant to draw the attention of others. In this form, she does not carry a saddle or a bridle, or any weapon or armor to protect her, she is completely free.

    The Femme Fatale:
    Notes: Mysterious, seductive, charming, deceptive, morally ambiguous, mystified, uneasy, damsel-in-distress, promiscuous, and villainous.
    Noncombat Abilities:
    As a natural ability of all Vah Shir, Saveste is capable of taking another form, but only a single given form is available. With this in mind, Saveste has chosen to be able to shapeshift between her natural panther form to that of an albino tigress. She is capable of shifting between her parent form and her feral form whenever she wishes and it does not expend her energy. When in her feral form, Saveste loses all abilities that she had in her panther form, reducing her to a true, savage big cat. Whereas, if she is in her panther form, she loses a majority of the abilities that her "savage" form is capable of using. This ability does not allow Saveste to shapeshift someone else, as it is a birth ability that only affects her body. Others who can force people to shapeshift into things can force Saveste into her feral form instead of what they wish to turn her into.
    Safe Fall:
    As Vah Shir are bipedal felines, they maintain the characteristics of their fellow quadrupedal cousins and ancestors. Thus, they are able to fall from higher heights that would normally kill humans or other animals and receive little to no damage or injury. While falling, the Vah Shir are capable of shifting the way they are falling so that, when they land, they always land on their feet. This impact reduces the amount of damage that they receive if they were to land on their side or back instead, but is a higher risk of injuring their feet. However, heights that are caused by magical means, such as a spell lifting an opponent into the air and dropping them, still affect Saveste. That in mind, damage done by these types of spells are not reduced at all and remain at the current damage they deal. Actively falling from high places frequently or more often than a feline should, can result in moderate to severe unwanted damage.
    Naturally, felines are capable of seeing in the dark far better than a human can, and thus, Saveste has impeccable sight during the nighttime. Like her partner, she is able to see in 1/6th the required light that a person needs to use in order to see in the dark. As such, she is far more active at night than she would be during the day, which strains her sight a lot more than at night. Subsequently, her sight during the day makes her near blind, able only to see distinctive things that are about 2-3 feet in front of her. Everything else around her, beyond the 2-3 feet, begin to become blurry until she isn't able to discern what is what. Her eyes glow and reflect light whenever light is flashed on her during the nighttime and, as a result, can reveal where she is. She is also not capable of seeing in complete darkness and will have to resort to other means of being able to find her way around.
    The Vah Shir are beings who are capable of mastering and fluently speaking all languages known to Earthland. Knowing this, it's automatically assumed that Saveste is able to speak any language, breaking the language barriers. However, if there is a language that she does not know, Saveste will spend long amounts of time studying and learning the language. In the end, there isn't a language that the Vah Shir are not able to master and speak without having studied it first. Keeping this in mind, it's not uncommon to see a Vah Shir walking around Earthland as a sort of translator for non-native speakers. Neither will the Vah Shir admit of a language that they are not capable of speaking and will disappear days on end to learn said language. Saveste has taken the time to learn every possible language there is to know, and thus, is able to fluently speak most or all languages.

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