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    Passport Collection


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    Completed Passport Collection

    Post by Shazam! 6th September 2016, 3:54 pm

    Job at Hand:
    Job Title: Too Earthland...And Beyond!

    Rank: D

    Player Requirements: Must be at least D-Rank and have joined a Guild or be a wandering mage. If you've joined a Dark Guild, you must claim too be from one of the Light Guilds or your passport will not be issued. If you wish, you can buy a Passport for 5k at the end of the Job regardless of Guild affiliation.

    Job Requirements: 5 posts. 100 min words per post.

    Job Location: Hargeon Town or Rose Garden

    Job Description: A huge line of bustling people are going nuts in front of the Docks, it looks like Wall Street on a bad day. Families, children, old folks attempting to go on vacation; everyone's clamoring for a Passport! Count Sparrow and the Magic Council have reopened Fiore's borders to outsiders, and in turn, have opened the borders too Seven, Bosco, and Minstrel as a show of peace.

    Fiore, along with Bellum and Seven has always produced some of the most skilled wizards in all of Earthland; and so, the Magic Council has decided to offer the services of our wizards here in Fiore abroad in other Nations (for a hefty fee of course!); obtain your passport! Cut in line! Or wait in line! Do whatever is necessary! Because people are going crazy trying to get their entire families Passports registered!

    Enemies: (None)

    Reward: Passport (Access to International Jobs and Casual RPing in Other Nations)

    The sun shone its bright ever enlightening rays onto the town of Hargeon, it's rays of lights hitting the back of a figure running over rooftops within the town clad in black and blue clothing. This was Remus.
    Remus had been wandering through the rooftops of Hargeon Town for quite a while in search of the docks. Upon flipping over the large gap between two houses with brilliant ease he sighed, looking over the edge at the loud, bustling city. "The one day I need to acquire my passport and it looks like this" He shook his head gazing up at the clouds in the sky wondering to himself until he was alerted by movement below him. "And now I take my leave" Remus grinned slightly as he leaped off of the edge of the building in eagle state landing swiftly into a roll. Running over towards the endless queue filled with families and friends alike all waiting and rushing to get the passport for their travels.
    This was where it had begun to get a little technical for the young boy, would he wait like any normal person? Bearing in mind it was incredibly hot and when people begin to feel heat they become easily irritated and tired. Or would he get his passport by other means? That to him seemed like the most plausible option at this point in time, it was efficient and it was easy. Looking at one of the clocks in a shop to his right he took down the time of '1:00' he had five hours to work his way through this beastly line, there was no time to waste.

    At this current moment Remus was stood behind a slender woman with brown oak hair as far as he could tell the woman was yelling at her partner and he cowered in fear of her wrath. The partner was a weedy man with sloppy black hair which hung over his glasses. In his mind Remus believed he could work his mind games with each and every person at the docks, starting with these two.

    Inching closer to the two Remus spoke up now alerting them both to his presence. "What're you two still doing here, you must leave" This question immediately cut off the young woman as her furrowed brows turned to Remus. "What in the hell are you talking about" She said whilst rubbing her temple clearly annoyed by the boy interrupting her verbal onslaught on her husband. "They are going to experiment on you, I know this because I too came to this 'passport collection'. I'm telling you please run please!"
    "What...why?" The husband now spoke up a little turning to Remus. He had them exactly where he wanted them.

    "Keep your face straight please. One, two and..." A flash of light hit the eyes of a certain blue haired boy. Stepping out of the picturing room and rubbing his eyes slightly before a grin escaped his face. Turning around now to look back at the entrance to the passport station Remus raised a brow as he noticed there was no one there except a few documentations on the ground. How swell a day it had turned out to be. Collecting his newfound passport the boy walked off hands behind his head smile still plastered on his face.

    Word Count:
    [556 Word Count] [5 x 100 minimum = 500 words]  


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