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    The Rarest Flower Solo OneShot

    Jiyu Kazehime
    Jiyu Kazehime

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    The Rarest Flower Solo OneShot Empty The Rarest Flower Solo OneShot

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime 3rd September 2016, 2:55 pm

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    How many times had she been to this dingy place now when she would just rather avoid it as a whole? The female walked forward on shaking legs, happy no one else was around on this mission, no one to see her trembling; Of course there was one person she might like the presence of, someone who could comfort her and shed some light into the darkness of this forest, chase away some of her fear. However Jiyu was stubborn as always and she could, would never admit the fact she was frightened to begin with, so she was never going to easily end up with some knight in shining armor in these sorts of situations! The only time she had a knight in shining armor and actually admitted it, was when she was pushed to death’s door, when there was no longer any way to deny it without possibly losing her own life. However she had to stop thinking of anything like that right now, at the moment none of it mattered, she was venturing into a place of darkness once more, for another job she likely should have asked someone to accompany her on. Even if it was an easy mission? Her minor fear of the dark might pose an issue going through this! Yet she remained prideful and stubborn, dead set in doing this alone, against her own cleverness, acting reckless and stupid, when she was only reckless. Hopefully, one day she’d learn to be honest and ask for help when she needed it, but for now she was too set in her own ways, and held too much pride to allow anyone to come to her aid, when she was still able to stand and fight on her own.

    “This is just one flower right? How hard can it be to find.” she consoled herself as she spoke, walking along the beaten path from mages entering this place non-magic user’s did not dare trek. Clearly? People desired the things held by this place, but were too frightened to go within it on their own, so mages went for them, risking life and limb for reward! Jiyu went in only to prove herself as someone above average, someone that should and would be looked up at, stand above the rest. Even though she’d never really verbally stated her intent to basically become the best wizard there was? Jiyu was sure that by now, several people suspected her ambition, with how quickly she got things done and how dangerously she lived, the situations she was willing to put herself in, for recognition. If someone did the tasks she completed without being ambitious in the least? They were too pure for their own good, or they were attention whores, which was a low jab coming from someone who dressed like a common street slut! The mage clad only in a short pair of daisy dukes and a scandalous bikini top, nothing else covering her flesh, not even a pair of shoes! However she had personal reasons for not wearing shoes, not that she’d verbalize them for someone, but oh well, she had reasons.

    “Figured it wouldn’t take long.” she was soon surrounded on three sides by three separate group some of the creatures being goblins, the rest comprised of a wolf pack. Considering the last time she had been here, had nearly killed her? She touched the place where no scar sat on her once sliced open flank, and smirked. If she had made it out alone at a lower rank? There was no reason anything within this woods was a threat to her now! Honestly the wind witch was eager for the opportunity to get more used to her new abilities as the Ace Of Hearts and a B rank mage. “So you boys want to dance, eh, just get of my way.” she smirked slightly, padding forward, lifting a fist, as if she was going to punch one, causing the combat to start. Just as she had suspected? The goblins and wolves were no better than paper bags or something, because the very second her aura flared, they looked terrified and buckled over, falling en masse around her, bringing a satisfied smirk to her lips. ”Didn’t I Tell You to leave me alone?” The fact they had ganged up on her so quickly had been a give away to the sorceress, that they believed themselves incapable matches for her alone, they had been trying to overwhelm her with numbers. Sadly? They had not known cutting numbers down and facing numerous opponents, was one of her specialities to her area of effect and range style attacks. Poor little creatures, but she could do nothing for the foolishness of them, and it had been necessary to take them down to progress through the forest, so she held no real guilt, only idle thoughts of the fact she had to kill the kill them, she had not checked to see if they survived her terrorizing demonic aura. Honestly, since they had been foolish enough to attack her, their deaths or lack of death, was there own problem, not her’s!

    “I suppose you’ll be slightly more entertaining~” finally something appeared in her path, snarling and growling. If she was still human? She wouldn’t even amuse the lone wolf, she’d run away and trap him somehow, not fight him directly. However his snarls were a challenge to fight as he believed her a trespasser on his territory! Didn’t he know if she thought she wanted it, everything belonged to her anyways?! He couldn’t own something she might one day want, so she placed her hands together and pushed her heels together, watching him flinch and whimper as her aura flared but did not defeat him. Now, the wolf knew he had gotten in over his head with this other canine, and he whimpered for the mages forgiveness, but it wouldn’t come that easily. “Never get in my way again!” she swiped her hand forward causing a wind blade to attack him, knocking the foolish wolf several feet back and clearing her path. Since she now had her paws active, and no one was around? She padded along on all fours, greatly speed up by her natural speed and the boost her paws gave to her.

    “Ooh big wolfy.” she chuckled it out, making a pitched sound as she saw the sleeping dire wolf, she could go around him yes, but, well the fight was too tempting for the Ace to resist! She got the first attack by jumping on him and swiping with her wind soaked paws, her aura flaring once more and causing him to become enraged at the little woman leaping a few steps back from him. “Come on little wolfy, play with me~” her taunting was enough and he charged at her, walking right into the use of a hunter’s shot and wind cloak, falling to his knees quicker than she had thought he would. However he did get one good bite in on her stomach before falling, and she hissed from the pain. Hissing? Damn she was no cat, she wasn’t Marschal, she was a dog and very proud one at that, it was good no one had been here to hear her make a feline like sound. Once she beat the wolf, she lay against his panting form, they both knew the fight was over and she was more alpha than he was, so why subdue him to death? Jiyu could ask him to show her to the flower she wanted afterall.

    Once both half demoness and dire wolf had rested, she asked the subdued wolf to do actually what she had considered, show her to the medicinal flower she needed. Of course it was a slash to one’s pride to lose, but his pride would be more damaged if he rejected the fact she was stronger, and he may even lose his life for denying her, so the wolf showed her to the location with glee. “Thanks wolfy.” she chimed it, using her claws to cut the stems of the flower’s, and pick them up in her mouth, since her paws could not currently carry the items. All in all? This had been a good mission! Now she just had to travel back to Mongolia and deliver these plants, the task would be done, she’d be rewarded! Of course? The reward was nothing compared to a mission of her appropriate rank, but she’d figured it would be worth it for the ease she could complete the mission with. Once she returned to mongolia, the shop keeper wondered about the fang marks in the stems, but since he only needed the flower? He did not question the canine tailed mage who delivered them to him, and simply paid her the agreed amount. Having received her reward, the wind mage treked back to rose garden and back into her room to add the money she got today into the stash she was keeping to buy something special later on.


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