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    Unknown Flower of Death [Private, Solo Job]


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    Unknown Flower of Death [Private, Solo Job] Empty Unknown Flower of Death [Private, Solo Job]

    Post by Ethair 3rd September 2016, 4:18 am

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    Job Info:

    I'll kill her! Ethair answered the women quicky while he had a grin on his face. Miss Coldflower had stuck her hand out with a map in it. Ethair grabbed a hold of it quickly, then turned a quickly made his way to Misses Andrea Cooper's house. Witch still had took him a while cause Ethair wasn't be beat with a map an got lost a few times cause of it.

    After longer then it should ever take anyone just to go two streets over and three houses down. Ethair finally ends up in front of Miss Cooper's home. Then he walks up to the door an kicks it in while yelling Honey I'm Home! in a very deep and creepy voice.  Oddly enough not a sound came from the house at all witch pissed him off. Ethair began going on a rampage within the house, grabbing things an smashing them or breaking things over his own head.

    Where the hell are you old lady! He had yelled once again while he began punching out all the windows. Witch helped him find Miss Cooper in no time. She had been hiding behind the old big oak tree in her backyard that happens to be in the middle of her massive garden.

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