Turning the Tables: Evil Re-invented!


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    Turning the Tables: Evil Re-invented!

    Post by Aura on 2nd September 2016, 9:41 pm

    How long had it been since he'd left the safety of his master's temple? He did not know. How long had it been since he'd last smelled the sweet, dazzling scent of the roses surrounding the lands that belonged to his master? He could not remember that, either. The thought of ascending the ongoing stairs to the Hall of the Pope, where once the ruler of the entire Sanctuary resided, seemed shallow. He clearly missed the silken touch of the Crimson roses he called his own; the deadly precision with which he'd learnt to wield the as deathly Ebony roses; the care with which he grew the roses White as snow. Albafica missed his old residence greatly, yet he couldn't have stayed. He needed to become stronger in order to protect what was entrusted to him, so he'd set out on a journey to find a new master to kneel to. To obey and grow stronger under.

    Yet after two years his searches had yet to come to frution. Afraid of what had become of him after taking his master's magic, and thus allowing him to thread the path of solitude, Albafica had yet to encounter a human being that was resistent against the potent poison that was his blood. He didn't want to go against his master's will to hurt innocents without proper reason, yet Aphrodite had told him otherwise. He'd ignored the old Celestial inhabiting his mind for so long, though when he proved to be his only 'companion', and the only one to keep him sane in his lonesome journey... the young child had come to accept him as a tutor too. Right now, his vocal tutor had ordered him to scavenge the forest for food. Berries and whatever other food that did not resort to killing would do; after all they still had some dried meat left from an unsuspecting salesman. The reward for a play well enacted; had it not been for the shallowness of their lie they might've managed to grab unto more than just food. But for now Aphrodite had told him to keep to himself only the bare minimum. That being 'whatever you can carry without being slowed down or targeted upon' minimum. It had been how the celestial spirit and his would-be vessel had survived for two years. No contact other than the bare minimum for food, only at the edges of town. Nature would provide the rest, as it did now. The bushes near the small pond held a feast for the youngster's eyes, and he didn't bother checking for other beings near him as he went for the blueish round berries dangling from the bush's branches.


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    Re: Turning the Tables: Evil Re-invented!

    Post by Strawberry on 2nd September 2016, 10:27 pm

    A few days has past since the man's time in Magnolia Town, a few days that seemed unbearable by his owb standards. The blonde man had to do something, so he wandered out of the hotel room a servant purchased for him, and walked out until he reached the Eastern side of Magnolia, and the forest. Instantly being reminded of the forest near the guild, the young mind walked into the forest, with hopes of finding the Savage Skull guild hall, to have someone to talk to. There were flaws in this plan, as this was the Magnolia Forest and not the Spooky Forest, they were nowhere near Savage Skull grounds, and he had no sense of direction. So this was a dillema.

    He got lost. Fast.

    He got lost for the past 4 days, not having eaten anything at all the male adult body clad in black started to grumble - more specifically in the stomach area. The last "soup" he had was on... Tuesday? He didn't know what day of the week it was, he didn't even know them all. There was seven, but all he knew was Tuesday, Monday, and Saturday. His mind wandered to the days of the week, trying to remember them all. This got his mind off of his hunger for a bit. Saturday... Monday... Tuesday... Thunday? Thurday? Thowday? Thursday! That's what it was! He hopped up from excitement, but then doubled over from a growl. His stomach was eating him alive, so he started to look for food. There was another drawback to this. He had no idea what eatable food looked like, and he had no idea if something could kill him if he ate it. Either way, he started off.

    Hearing some rustling, the man looked to the right of him. Some person, but this person was way smaller than a normal person. Why was this? Every person he'd ever seen was an adult, the young man didn't even know what a child was. Seeing this as a chance to explore a possible new specimen, the blonde slowly krept up behind the child. He seemed preoccupied with something. Crouching down, he stooped right behind the child, completely bypassing all laws of personal space. Had the two not been alone, someone might've called the Rune Knights to arrest him for being some form of pervert. Not that he thinks of those sorts of things.

    The man, named Seven, reached in to poke the boy's arm. He didn't know if the child was human or not, but that didn't matter as instinct took over and he was about to poke the kid. Right as he was going to touch flesh, his arms retracted to his stomach and he fell back on his bum as his stomach growled again, making the child-minded adult groan in a mix of discomfort and pain, his gloved hands nearly ripping into the fabric of his coat. This couldn't be worse...


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