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    [D Rank] Royal Party in Midi


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    [D Rank] Royal Party in Midi Empty [D Rank] Royal Party in Midi

    Post by Cr1tikal on 31st August 2016, 1:31 am

    Job Title: Royal Party in Midi
    Rank: D
    Solo Word Count: 500 words
    Group Word Count: 1,000 words
    Additional Requirements: Own a passport
    Job Location: Midi
    Job Description: Midi is home to not just a powerful army of sword wielding magic users, but home to one of Earthland's most powerful mages. So, why would they ask for a D-ranking job to be posting to aid them in defense? Well simple, The emperor is holding a party, but don't worry, or even try to get in. No, this party is going to be several hundreds of miles away. Your job is to be guarding where the samurai mages normally would be. See the problem is, the emperor has pooled over half the entire nation's samurai forces to one city not just because he is celebrating them, but because many other powerful foreign leaders will be there including Fiore's own royalty. So, because of causing many cities nowhere near this party to be so deprived of any force other than maybe a few samurai, they have enlisted Fiore mages to aid them for the entire day.
    Enemies: Up to you.
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    [D Rank] Royal Party in Midi MQNhOUw

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