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    [D Rank] Duel in Minstrel


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    [D Rank] Duel in Minstrel Empty [D Rank] Duel in Minstrel

    Post by Cr1tikal on 31st August 2016, 12:44 am

    Job Title: Duel in Minstrel
    Rank: D
    Solo Word Count: 500 words
    Group Word Count: 1,000 words
    Additional Requirements: Own a passport
    Job Location: Minstrel
    Job Description: Within Minstrel are the musketeers. However they have not just gained their respect through countless wins against the dark side. No, they regularly offer chances to duel against them, to fight and hone their skills. A newer Musketeer of C-rank strength has popped up, opening up a challenge to all nations of earthland. Answer his challenge, and duel him. It will be a quick no blood duel. The fight will end within a couple blows scoring based on style, and one more thing. No spells above D-rank may be used. No destructively lethal spells may be used at all, and no requip unless its a single weapon, but no using it's passive or active. This is a sword duel, and the use of magic must be very little as it should only be used for flare, or minor aid.  Win the duel, and earn the reward. Lose the duel and earn only a quarter of the reward but you may still pass the job no matter the duel outcome. Remember, the duel will never go beyond more than a few actions, and the judges will base the score on how well both had dueled.
    Enemies: A single human, female or male depends on who you wish to fight.
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    [D Rank] Duel in Minstrel MQNhOUw

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