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    [D Rank] Fragile Peace with Pergrande Kingdom


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    [D Rank] Fragile Peace with Pergrande Kingdom Empty [D Rank] Fragile Peace with Pergrande Kingdom

    Post by Cr1tikal on 30th August 2016, 8:39 pm

    Job Title: Fragile Peace with Pergrande Kingdom
    Rank: D
    Solo Word Count: 500 words
    Group Word Count: 1,000 words
    Additional Requirements: Own a passport
    Job Location: Pergrande Kingdom
    Job Description: The kingdom of Pergrande is not so keen on even daring to ask for help from Fiore. However, the neutral grounds requires someone to run an errand to the Pergrande Kingdom. This errand is a parcel. What it contains is none of your business, as your job is to deliver. Don't open it or you will fail the job instantly. Once you enter Pergrande, you may not use magic ever, or show you're magical at all. For this reason, you've been given a Legendary(+) weapon, Legendary(+) Armor, and a Strong(+) Shield. As 'rental' to look like you rely on it, and not magic. The only reason they send a mage, is in case Pergrande gets hostile and you need to flee. This is a simple delivery mission, don't mess it up.
    5,000 Jewel, you do not get to keep the equipment


    [D Rank] Fragile Peace with Pergrande Kingdom MQNhOUw

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