The One Magic Part Two: Change the World


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    The One Magic Part Two: Change the World

    Post by Vlad on 29th August 2016, 10:34 am

    Job Title: The One Magic Part Two: Change the World
    Rank: 100 yr
    Player Requirements:  Must have a party of three. No more, no less. All those in the party must be, at least, S-rank. Must roll boss. Must roll 10 monster dice. Must have conpleted the Dark Requirements for The One Magic Part One: A Great Discovery. Must link to it when applying. One Time Only.
    Job Requirements: 80 posts w/600 word count minimum

    • Ensure the security of the facility.
    • Help with the creation of multiple weapons.
    • Assault the base of those who dared to try and stop them!

    Job Location:  Sin
    Job Description:





    [b]Reward: 175k Jewels, Infamy across all of Earthland, Access to The One Magic Part Three: Finish Them


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