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    Vladimir C -> B


    Harbinger of Death

    Harbinger of Death

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    Vladimir C -> B Empty Vladimir C -> B

    Post by Vlad 28th August 2016, 11:42 am


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    Vladimir C -> B Empty Re: Vladimir C -> B

    Post by Guest 29th August 2016, 6:33 pm

    The Burning Ring
    You've been tasked by Marceline Anicetus to travel to the land of Sin, a country which has long-since been lost to the Great Inquisition of Pergrande. She has informed you via a crisply clean, slightly yellowed letter that she wants you to go to the Shikar Dynasty, her former home of well over 20 millennia ago. Supposedly, this kingdom has risen from the ashen sands of Sin, as per every 10 millennia, and one of her messengers informed her of a disturbance in her homeland. Either some magi had found the kingdom in their bravery to cross Sin or something is wrong with the members of the society. Find out what has caused the magical disturbance in Shikar Dynasty and return to Brimstone Castle to inform Marceline of what is going on. However, she advises you to be careful, as the creatures roaming Sin and Shikar Dynasty are creatures not to be toiled with. If you manage to return back to her castle unharmed and with information on the occurrances of her former home, she will reward you greatly.

    The Letter:
    Dear Vlad,

    It has since come to my attention that the former kingdom of which I resided in has risen in one of its many millennial appearances. However, one of my servants has informed me that there is a strange disturbance located inside of the city. I'm not sure who or what is causing this disturbance, and unfortunately, I'm currently not capable of traveling there myself. This letter you are currently reading is to inform you that I would like for you to travel to the land of Sin and locate the kingdom. I can give you very little information on it, as my memory of it has since faded, but it is located near a volcano in Sin. Find that volcano and you'll find the Shikar Dynasty, but you need to be careful when traveling through Sin and the Dynasty. I'd hate for something to happen to you while you're on this journey, but if you manage to return safely, I'll have a gift for you.

    There's a few things you should know about the Shikar Dynasty and one is that you only have 5 days before the kingdom returns to the sands. The second is that there are several different types of creatures found in the city of Shikar that you must watch out for. Many of the creatures in the kingdom are spectral beings, but they are not friendly to outsiders unless you're me. They will attack you on sight, so be careful when traversing the streets of my kingdom; oh, and watch out for the Hellbrood.

    The Hellbrood is a trio of very large humanoid beasts that guard the gates of Shikar and roam the city side. These beings will attack you without any sort of provoking and they carry very large and very heavy weapons that were meant for damage. Please, please be careful around them.

    That's about as much as I can remember for information to give you.

    Best of luck!

    Marceline Anicetus

    Weak: Gashound x5: These creatures are part of the kingdom of Shikar Dynasty but are a lot more vicious than the normal pet dog. They don't have eyes, but the tendril-like whiskers on their jaw and forehead work as a type of sensor, which allows them to see. Aside from their four regular limbs, they have a set of extra arms that allow them to deal C-rank melee damage. Avoid the razor-like creations on their forehead and jaws as well, as these deal C-rank melee damage when in contact with skin. 5As their name states, they also excrete a poisonous gas that if inhaled can cause severe internal damage to a person. Known for shooting gas balls at their victims, these creatures deal B-ranked with every hit and take 2 A-rank hits to bring down. Gashounds are known for coming in packs of five and will attack as a pack, so watch your back when they appear.
    Normal: Dreadbeing x2: Spectral beings of former citizens of the Shikar Dynasty, these beings merely roam the streets of the long-lost kingdom. They are easily agitated, so try to avoid bumping into any, but if you do, then you should prepare yourself for a fight. In spite of their tornado-like body, these creatures have nothing to do with wind magic or the likes of weather manipulation. These former citizens have a tendency to lash out with their claws, dealing B-rank melee damage with them. On occasion, they can boost their slashes with inner magic power from the city itself, and deal 1.5x B-rank spell damage. Often coming in pairs, these wraith-like beings fight unfairly and won't back down until you've killed them or they've killed you. It takes a total of 4 B-rank attacks to bring down these ethereal beings and proceed to the next part of the city.
    Strong: Hellbrood x3: A creature so large and grotesque that it is hard for any normal human to look at without being petrified by its looks. This beast stands at a surmounting height of 13ft tall and wields a weapon that even the giants of Bosco would never wield. It is the considered guardian of the gates of Shikar Dynasty, letting no one pass inside without having defeated it. The beast comes in groups of three, meaning that once you reach the gates of Shikar Dynasty, three of these beings will appear. Either confuse them enough that you're able to slip past them, or good luck trying to win your life against these beasts. Its weapon deals 2x A-rank damage with each blow and is capable of summoning a gate to Hell that will try to suck you in. To bring these beasts down, it takes a total of 4 A-rank damage each; remember to not get hit by its weapon.

    Requirements: 4,000 words, must roll 3 monster dice. Return to Brimstone Castle in Fiore once you have information on the occurrences and inform Marceline of what's going on.

    Rewards: B-rank and a mystery gift.
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