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    A Frustrating Task Lies Ahead

    Zar Valarblood
    Zar Valarblood

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    A Frustrating Task Lies Ahead Empty A Frustrating Task Lies Ahead

    Post by Zar Valarblood 28th August 2016, 10:46 am

    The port of Hargeon Town, a bustling coastal town of maritime commerce, tourists, wandering mages, and all other walks of life. It is here in this town that one can find most items they are looking for if they play close attention to their surroundings. Being one such person, Zar Valarblood, stepped foot off the docking ship that brought him to Hargeon Town and took a moment to take in all the sights and smells that barraged his senses. The noise of the port deafening to his ears, and the smell of raw fish, poultry, fruit, and many assorted meats tempted his stomach with images of the delicacies filling the growling gullet. He couldn't stop for food just yet, however, as the reason he came to this port was yet to be realized; Zar still needed his passport to be able to travel the world and make a proper name for himself as a wizard.

    On the way to dock he had heard others aboard his vessel talking amongst themselves about getting a passport and the painstaking journey it would be to traverse the lines of people. Apparently there was already countless numbers of people lining up to get their passports and clogging up the streets in the process. It was a mad house of people pushing, shoving, squeezing together, and some were even fighting each other in the streets for a closer spot to the front of the line. This resulted in the local authorities having to step in and start making arrest while the line continued as usual. Zar pondered his options as the Sun and clouds slowly shifted, darkening the landscape in shadows and patches of light here and there. A small grin formed on his face beneath his wide-brimmed fedora as he pulled his cloak around him and seemingly melded into his shadow only to appear out of the man in the very front of the line's shadow, effectively cutting in front of him with ease.

    Seeing the dark figure emerge from thin air threw the man into a state of shock which turned into terror as he swiftly turned and trampled through all the others behind him, knocking them over in his futile attempts to flee his perceived threat. Laughing under his breath at the mischief he caused, Zar turned his attention to the elderly lady who was just bringing her head up to look at Zar, "Name, profession, and age please." she asked gingerly. Zar nodded to her, "My name is Zar Valarblood miss. I am a up and coming wizard wishing to make my fortunes across the world, and I'm the ripe young age of 27 since you asked so nicely." The old lady laughed lightly and pulled up a screen from nowhere, and began typing into it. "archive magic." She said as she noticed Zar's quizzical stares. She pointed for him to stand off to the side as a Lacrima floated in front of him to take his photo for the passport. One that was complete she handed him his ticket to see the world and smiled, "If there continues to be as many polite and handsome young men as you in the world I could see this place becoming the paradise it once was in my day. Thank you and have safe travels." He waved goodbye to the lady and stuffed his passport into his pocket as he walked out the door. He reached into his other pocket and produced his most prized short pipe which he heavily packed, lit, and puffed as he walked out through the mass of people finally able to make a name for himself in this ever growing world of magic.


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