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    Baby steps [solo]


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    Baby steps [solo] Empty Baby steps [solo]

    Post by Vlad 27th August 2016, 7:09 pm

    Haregon town was a place that not many people really wanted to visit; after the last few events that had occurred it seemed that place was in complete ruins; sure, they were currently rebuilding the town, but, the simple fact that it was able to be destroyed; the fact that the legal guilds were unable to stop the massive disaster said a lot; people had lost faith in the capabilities of these mages. It was fine, they did not deserve such praise. This was neither here, nor there; today, Vlad would be "teaching" a child to walk; this was going to be easy. He had a hunch the kid could, basically walk, and just needed some guidance. Well, it seemed that he would find out as soon as he arrived and the parents left. Perhaps it was stage freight? It happens. Well, it was time to reveal what this kid could do!

    Well, it seemed the house was in a portion of the town that was still up and running; the devastation seemed to have simply overlooked this area, which was fine with Vlad. It meant he would enjoy the view a whole lot more than if it was simply sea. It was as these thoughts crossed his mind that he would come across his destination; it seemed that he would enjoy this. "Well, lets do this..." His borrowed face seemed to always come in handy.

    After being welcomed into the house they explained the basic procedure. Well, it was nothing impressive; they wanted to party and have their kid learn how to walk. Such selfish people... Paying others to play parent. Really? This is what was wrong with this society. People choosing to leave the nurturing of their child to strangers who could be pedophiles for all they knew. What the hell was wrong with these parents?

    Well, either way, he would complete this within a few minutes then do as he pleased around the house. It seemed, however, that they did not have much to do. Well, at least they had books; this was all he needed to hold his attention for years. Letting out a light chuckle, Vlad would simply look at the child; having a slight understanding of how souls work he simply injected one into the childs legs. Boom, done.

    Looking around the house it seemed that they were pretty well off, and they must have been affluent; well, as long as they did what was right? Well, so far they have never done anything correct in his books; how could they simply leave the kid like this... HOW!?! He was sort of upset at this; no, he was angry. How could he not be? Well, it mattered not; the failures for parents had arrived home, and they simply watched as the child walked; they asked no questions. They were pleased and that seemed to be enough; what scum. Letting out a slight sigh, Vlad would leave the house, finished with the place. It left a bad taste in his mouth.



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